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Old 18.04.2011, 07:04
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Unhappy JDownloader: BASTA!!!

In my 16 years on a Mac, I never really had any major software nightmares until I started using jDownloader last year. On a Mac, you can pretty much do all the computing you need without ever coming close to having to use a Java application. And rightly so. Java is, as Steve Jobs said years ago, "a ball and chain." It may be cross-platform, but it's not efficient, slow, buggy, requires tremendous CPU overhead, and plain and simple, it just doesn't work well on a Mac. It and the Finder just don't get along.

I've been part of the jDownloader forum community since I began using the program, and a few of the regulars have been gentlemanly and occasionally helpful, but really, NOTHING has been done in the program itself that even comes close to addressing the problems with JDownloader on Mac OS X, i.e.,.

Unexpected range header format null
Download incomplete due to filesizecheck
Aborted: No permissions to write to hard disk
etc., etc., etc.

There are also big problems with the Flashgot integration. The results are inconsistent at best. Thought it's not restricted to this, I usually have most of my download failures with files marked as "directhttp" instead of those that indicate a particular filehost (although Fileserve has been horrible with JDownloader). And since the hosting companies are always pulling links, uploaders are either masking them, encrypting them, or leaving off the "http" in the address so you can't just copy-and-paste them into JDownloader. You have to either manually click and copy each link location (forget that option as it's not as easy as it sounds because of how slow and unresponsive Java is) or Flashgot them into the Linkgrabber pane. Hence the "directhttp" identification.

Sorry, muchachos, but I've pretty much had it with jDownloader. There are so many problems with it that I can't even begin to tell you. I'm just sick and tired of the ongoing, every day, link after link, download after download HASSLE. It just requires too damn much manual work to babysit these downloads. Forget it.

I'm still on a PPC Mac so unfortunately some of the newer non-Java DL managers requiring an Intel processor are not options. That leaves programs like iGetter and SpeedDownload. I've never had any luck with SpeedDownloader as a major http downloading tool, and iGetter is pitifully inadequate, but at least it can do large amounts of http downloading. And neither of them are written in Java.

Bottom line, there are many features that make JDownloader an attractive downloading tool -- maybe even one of the best on paper, but the reality is that the guts of it just do not jive well with a Mac. At least with my particular Mac and OS X/Java version.
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Old 18.04.2011, 11:29
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If java would be such a resources hog like you describe it I don't understand why it runs fine on resource limited mobile phones. I can understand Job's critique, but why didn't he create a java version for Mac OS himself?

Thanks to java jD runs on a Mac as well. I believe many Mac customers are happily using it.

The error messages you collected are common to the other platforms. Windoze customers can have them as well.

I don't use any extensions, so FG is unknown territory for me. It shows that it isn't essential for using jD efficiently.

Fileserve has server issues and jD can't do anything about that, because jD doesn't own the file hosts.

The problem of link abuse is not jD's issue. jD takes encrypted links and decrypts them when necessary. Sometimes multiple rounds of decryption are needed. jD fully automates those decryptions. If you would provide examples of links that jD doesn't decrypt, jD developers will be eagerly developing new decrypters for them.

If you've any problems or issues with the program you can always use the forums to report them. Generic comments like yours won't help the jD team finding the issues nor solving your potentially badly configured system (I refer to the list of errors you showed).

If you don't like the idea of helping jD's volunteer developers with your expertise, then I wish you good luck with your new download program. Your requirements (direct http links) might not match well with a sophisticated download manager like jD (OCH). iGetter is not a free program. iGetter has been written in C++ which is an old precursor of java but doesn't guarantee the same portability and it doesn't offer the same programmer productivity. This means that on different platforms the code will be different and potentially more buggy. iGetter does not exist for Linux platforms that are becoming more important every day.

You're right that your old java version is not very suitable for running jD. It's possible that future releases of jD, that will support the new java 1.7, will no longer support java 1.5. This problem with java is related to Apple's unwillingness to upgrade java on your platform.
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Old 18.04.2011, 12:26
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Flashgot works absolute fine here. What issues do you have? DirectHTTP means that you added a directdownload link and NO filehosting link. This depends heavily on HOW you use flashgot. you can flashgot this link OR use flashgot in the save as dialog (often directdownload links then).

Fileserve is also working fine. When you read the Fileserve-Thread you would see that all issues are caused by Fileserve themselves as they are still having server/dns issues.

We are still working on our next stable and you can tryout the nightly (but dont know if it runs on your ppa mac). many/most of your issues are already fixed there.

Also note that at the moment the last Stable went public (9.12.2009) we had no Mac-Dev in our Team so we were not able to test a single line of code under Mac. Also Apple is working against Java (removing java, changing important libs pathes and so on) it is hard to keep good compatibility with it. We now have a Mac in Team, so it is much easier to fix things for Mac, eg the Aqua-Theme,Icon Handling,Close-Handling and other Mac-specific stuff.

We do the best we can to address all known issues, but the day only has 24 hours and fixing stuff is not always that easy.
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Old 13.05.2011, 09:00
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Es cierto, los problemas con Mac no son culpa de el equipo de JD. Es culpa de Stev Jobs y sus ideas de estandarizar las computadoras a su gusto, eliminando a flash y eliminando java. Lo unico que hace es dejar a los usuarios de mac incompletos.

Y si bien, quieres dejar de usar JD, bien podrias hacerlo sin tener que anunciar tu gran retirada.

Sorry for writing in Spanish, but it seems that User0 speaks Spanish
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