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Old 07.03.2016, 20:55
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Default Captcha setup problem

Okay, first i have bad eyes and often a problem with captchas and want to "avoid" it.

So here is my "problem":
I want to download files (most on share-online.biz)
And the link-site share-links.biz
So there are two captcha types i have oftem problems and must "reload" them, because my eyes are terrible.

Now the question:
1. Is there a "free" option to avoid those captchas?
if not.
2.Must i pay at the download site (SO) or jdownloader to avoid it?

Sounds stupid, i know but with my eyes are captchas often a problem to register in Forums - i must save the graphic and send a friend and he "reads" it and give me back the text - so help please...

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Old 08.03.2016, 00:03
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re 1)
captcha tasks generally can not be avoided, if they are we would be avoiding them already
re 2)
free download is possible, it will have restrictions like download speed, max free download filesize, premium only files (these are common on most if not all file hosting sites).

you shouldn't have to re-load captcha for recaptchav1 or v2, just make the image larger. JDownloader 2.0 scales the captcha image to the dialog size, or you can use captcha scale setting. settings > advanced settings > GraphicalUserInterfaceSettings.captchascalefactor
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Originally Posted by Darelius View Post
Now the question:
1. Is there a "free" option to avoid those captchas?
Not really but the other way is any captcha service.
Join 9kw.eu Captcha Service now and let your JD continue downloads while you sleep.
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