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Old 26.01.2021, 20:15
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Exclamation Xvideos.com - Sudden download of ultra low res & low quality videos

I have this problem for a long time now.
It seems like... xvideos have some limit or something?
For download, like download size limit or something, I don't know.

But after several downloads... 10 GB? 15 GB? 20 GB? not sure. But it goes wrong.

Even in browser for some time I can't watch in 720p or 1080p or even choose the quality. It's playing like 260p. It stays that way for some time, matter of hours.
And then it will work normally again.

In JDownloader it looks like first 10-15GB videos download in xvideos's original quality (the best possible).
But then (after hitting the limit?) it downloads the videos in awful quality. Like from 100-500 MB a video to 2 - 10 MB.

And I end up with 100 videos with awful quality. I don't want that.
If something like this occurs I would love JDownloader to even stop the downloading until the original/best quality is available again.

But instead I end up with many many files and which now to reset?
And I have to look over videos looking for strange/low resolution and low file size and see, what are awful quality and then find them in jdownloader and reset one by one.

Just xvideos have this kind of functionality. I experience this always when I download big amout of videos. Like 10 GB+ in a run.
And xvideos plugin/Jdownloader does nothing about it, it just downloads hundreds of underquality videos.

If it's this kind of xvideos limit or something I think it should be possible to tell the JDownloader to not download when I hit it.
Because if video is 720p and I want 720p video I have to get 720p video, not a 240p video.
I just have to then find it, delete, reset and do all manually one by one.

Additionally I can say that when I expierience like I hit this limit, I can go on my phone with wifi and the same, like 240p video with no option to change to quality. But when I switch to LTE it works again. Switch to wifi - again limitation. Like xvideos doing limitation on IP for several hours idk.
As u can see even quality/resolution selection disappears when downloaded much:
But problem is; JDownloader keeps downloading but not 1080p/720p this time, but like 240p, awful quality. The same quality I have in videoplayer directly on the video webpage.

I hope you understand the issue.
Just when downloading very much quality gets horrible for some time. But JDownloader keeps downloading.
Maybe it should detect when situation like this happens?

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Old 26.01.2021, 20:21
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I can't really imagine them doing this.

So you're saying that if you download such videos again via JD later, you will get a bigger file/better quality?

It is normal these days that websites use adaptive streaming to limit the quality (in auto mode) to the max bandwidth possible via your Internet connection:

However, JDownloader usually enforces the best quality and I really can't imagine them limiting the available qualities for certain user if they've caused "too much" traffic within a defined amount of time.

I won't be able to trigger this limit with my Internet connection so youl will have to investigate this on your own and maybe other users are having the same issue and are willing to share their experience here.

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