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Old 21.10.2010, 23:09
Fred Martin
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For information, it's 11pm here and Filserve is working again like a charm with JDownloader !

Edit: 5:00AM : yeap.. I've spoke too quickly, I still get invalid account at premium..... and now it's worse because I can't download using web broswer... Fileserve told me that I need to activated cookies to be able to download, and of course cookie are activated...

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Old 22.10.2010, 00:10
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Not working here, i get invalid account at premium settings
Old 22.10.2010, 03:03
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at 21:00 EDT, still getting the plugin out of date error
Old 22.10.2010, 07:32
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For those still having problems atm anyway re read http://board.jdownloader.org/showpos...75&postcount=7

IT is currently working but through out the day it has been a hit or miss due to them or something else in the way ....

Give it 12-24 hours to clear up and then we can tell if they made any real changes or might have just been having hardware problems on their end such as a flakey router, switch, card etc.
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Old 22.10.2010, 09:10
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Originally Posted by remi View Post
If you've to wait 12 minutes between downloads I don't see how downloads can be simultaneous.

Do you mean the download starts need to be separated by 12 minutes?
I can confirm Fr0Gi's discovery.
For free user: (tested on Opera)
1) start download a file from fileserve - download starts
2) start download 2nd file - you'll get the message: "You need to wait 600 seconds to start another download." - free, registered user limit
3) wait about 10 minutes and try again 2nd step - you'll be able to start download 2nd file even if 1st is still downloading

Right now I'm downloading 3 files simultaneously from fileserve using free account.

This may be a bug in fileserve itself, but it is possible to implement this in jD (wait 10 or 12 minutes for next download)?

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Old 22.10.2010, 09:26
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Statter is probably correct, wait a day or two.

If you are reporting File Not Found or Plugin Error, please provide the information requested in the Hoster Plugins rules.

If you have a problem with a premium account, please email the login information to support@jdownloader.org

Those of you using Java 6u21 or 6u22, please retry with Java JRE 6u20 "**External links are only visible to Support Staff**.That might clear things up.

Do not post "I still have this problem" unless it has been at least a week or there has been a Plugin Update -- Whichever comes last!

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Old 22.10.2010, 10:18
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Default Fileserve premium account unnmarks itself


I have a premium account in Fileserve.com. I put it in JDownloader and it works fine.

But in 10-15 minutes downloading, the premium account unnmarks itself in the premium account setting in JDownloader and I start to download as free account.

I hace to manually enable again the Fileserve premium account. And thi occurs every 10-15 minutes.

What's the problem?

Thank you!!!
Old 22.10.2010, 12:41
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Originally Posted by Fr0Gi View Post
So no1 knows how to download 1 file per 10-12 minutes from fileserve whit Jdownloader?
You discovered a new feature of FS. I tried it and it works in my browser but not in jD.
Old 22.10.2010, 12:49
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Originally Posted by drbits View Post
...please email the login information to support@jdownloader.com
It's support@jdownloader.org.

I already told you that I've seen several posts of yours with the wrong e-mail address. Please, find and modify them.

Edit (drbits): Thank you. I have searched. This is a new error on my part.

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Old 22.10.2010, 13:30
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Please, e-mail your account data to support@jdownloader.org .
Old 22.10.2010, 13:36
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I have the same problem. It started happening yesterday.

I check the premium account and it works for for a few minutes/hours then it uncheck premium account.
Old 22.10.2010, 14:05
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Originally Posted by remi View Post
You discovered a new feature of FS. I tried it and it works in my browser but not in jD.
That is cool :p, now lets do smth about it in JD, fileserve gives the best download speed and u can dowonload 1 file per 10/12 minutes so it is worth it.
Old 22.10.2010, 15:52
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Seems im not alone joined fileserve last month been great with really fast download speeds ,this month yesterday getting the same messages plugin error (out of date) and wont stay checked in premium setting saying invalid account but when i log into fileserve online my account seems ok. driving me mad!!!!

This seems as much help as emailing fileserve no helpful answer day 3 no downloads sigh!!!!!!!!

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Old 22.10.2010, 22:35
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Default Jdownaloader keeps logging me out

Hi guys 1st of i love your program

Everytime i go on to jdownloader it keeps logging me out every 5 seconds and there links say plugin error (out of date) when am trying to download links.

And also am getting invalid password and account and then if checks the links are online or dead i get temp uncheckable.

Can anyone help me on this am using fileserve and does not run out for 4 months


Old 22.10.2010, 23:13
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seems no one at jdownloader has an answer or update and is there another programs that i can use instead......
Old 22.10.2010, 23:28
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I have had this issue for over 2 days!!
Old 22.10.2010, 23:37
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yeah me to.... 2days ago going on 3 was working great also........:outch:
Old 23.10.2010, 05:06
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Default Fileserve plugin out of date

A user reported that the fileserve plugin was outdated below is the log file

JDOwnloader 0,9580

Old 23.10.2010, 12:53
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Same problem of everyone with my premium fileserve account and Jdownloader.
Please do something.

Thank U
Old 23.10.2010, 12:56
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thx so much...:thumbup:

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