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Old 21.11.2021, 01:02
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Default [DRM] class101.net Need help downloading videos using MyJDownloader/JDownloader

I paid for an art class on class101.net. The video server seems to be in Korea. I am in San Jose, California. Whenever I try to watch a video from the class it buffers frequently. When it is done buffering and resumes playing it has skipped ahead in the video an amount of time equal to the time it was buffering. For example, if it buffered for 2 minutes then 2 mins of the class was skipped. Weird, I know.

To get around this problem I have been trying to download any one of the class101.net class videos using MyJDownloader but it's not working. Here's the process I am following:

1) I login to class101.net.
2) I navigate to my class and the video I wish to download. Note that there is only ONE video on this web page.
3) I right click on the video and select "Download with JDownloader".
4) The MyJDownloader dialog is displayed.
5) I click 'JDownloader@davet' (see 'ScreenShot1.jpg' attachment).
6) After a few seconds JDownloader displays a dialog 'This is a Play-List or Channel-List or User-List. What would you like to do' (see 'ScreenShot2.jpg' attachment).
7) If I click 'Process Playlist?' then LinkGrabber starts listing a large number of links (see 'ScreenShot3.jpg' attachment).
8) When I download the videos and play them, none of them are my class video.
9) On step #6 above, if I select 'Do Nothing?' or simply close that dialog then LinkGrabber appears to not execute as no links are found.

I have a couple of questions about this process:

1) When MyJDownloader hands the request off to JDownloader I doubt that it is transferring my class101.net login credentials with it. Therefore, it seems likely that JDownloader is NOT logging in as me to the class101.net deeplink where my class video is located and instead is ending up on the class101.net home page. There ARE hundreds of videos listed on the class101.net home page which I'm guess is where all the links are coming from in step #7 above. Is this a correct analysis of what's happening?

2) Is there a way to tell JDownloader my credentials to class101.net so that it can navigate to the deeplink for the class video I am trying to download? I have entered my class101.net credentials into the Basic Authentication section of JDownloader as shown in 'ScreenShot4.jpg' attachment. That does not seem to resolve the problem however.

I have also attempted to download the videos directly using JDownloader by adding the deeplink to the LinkGrabber. When I do this, however, I get the same results as I do in Step #7 above and none of the downloaded videos is of the actual class.

The JDownloader 'Help' > 'About' screen is attached as 'ScreenShot5.jpg'

Wondering if someone can suggest ways to resolve this problem so that I can download these class videos?

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Old 22.11.2021, 21:31
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Hi Dave,
I've already answered your request in your private support ticket but I'll answer it here too as my answer may be helpful for other users too:

First I told you to try the following generic download method for streaming websites:

You then told me that this wouldn't work.

I've investigated this further using your class101.net login credentials.
I will not go deeper into the two questions you'Ve asked here as answering them is irrelevant regarding your initial question on how to download vidseos from this website.
Also I've already answered your question regarding "basic authentication" in your support ticket.

The following answer is a summary of my answer that I've sent you via your private support ticket.

Hi again Dave,

I took a look at it and I'm afraid these videos are light DRM protected.
We cannot allow downloading of DRM protected content due to legal reasons.
If you're lucky it will work using VideoDownloadHelper without JDownloader (out of the found 11 elements, those with a playtime of 22:XX are the ones you want [same video, different video resolutions]).

I'm sorry but you will not be able to download those videos using JDownloader.
If you want you can change your class101.net password now as we do not need it anymore.

Best regards,


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