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Old 06.04.2010, 12:25
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Default JDownloader and the UK's Digital Economy Bill

Hi All. I'm using Jdownloader for Mac OS X. I will soon have to start using a secure VPN to download from rapidshare and Netload, so I don't get banned!

I think i'll have to put the VPN server address and username in to Network preferences and then click an option to send/receive all traffic via that link.

My question is, will JDownloader follow this link or ignore and get me in to trouble?

Thanks for any help you can give me.
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Old 06.04.2010, 13:08
Message deleted by scr4ve. Reason: inappropriate
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Wow, I thought I had replied to this post. It seems that jD's censorship has removed my post without leaving the slightest trace. Note that fear (and greed) are the worst enemies of mankind and power elites know this. I'll now try to explain what I wrote. To the person responsible for the censorship, please, read this post to the end, think, do some research and try to tell me whether what I'm saying is true, rational, logical and reflects reality.

I wrote that people need to oppose this "Digital Economy Bill", because the UK and other countries are getting closer and closer to a dictatorship. The problem is that people who don't want to leave their houses can't be spied on. The UK has the highest number of spy cameras per citizen in the world. What some countries are doing now is to start spying the communication of people. How would they otherwise be able to determine whether the down/uploaded content is legal or not?

You can oppose this bill by starting a revolution (voting on another fraction of the same regime doesn't help any longer), go on strike and sabotage your corrupt regime. There are no other ways to stop this hunger for power that steadily decreases the freedom of citizens. It's only when a majority of the population becomes aware of the criminal nature of a regime that change is possible, but not for long though (it was not Daniel Ellsberg who caused Nixon's fall, but the population that was suffering from the thousands of body bags that returned from Vietnam).

I also mentioned that there have always been dictatorships and there still are lots of totalitarian regimes that base their power on spying on their citizens. I won't mention them again, because that might have been the reason of my post's removal. If the person, who removed my post has the courage to tell me which country it was, I'll know more.

How did this power gripe start and why don't people see this coming before it's too late (the "Wir haben es nicht gewusst"-syndrome)? Indoctrination through state subsidised education tries to produce tax paying slaves for life that obey to all decisions that are made by the corrupt, powerful elite. I'm very well aware that this brainwashing that's going on for thousands of years, is very difficult to undo. IMO, and I'm using my right of free speech, power corrupts and can never be legitimised. (I disagree with Noam Chomsky in that he thinks that in the case of the parents-children relationship, power is justified.)

Before somebody starts arguing that free speech is the proof that some countries are democracies, I'll anticipate in saying that free speech without power is useless. The regime or power elite will use its dependent propaganda media to crush your message.
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Old 19.06.2010, 13:41
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I already answered your private message, but I'd like to provide my explanations here, too.

Please don't get me wrong - I generally agree with your political attitude. Anyway, comparing the Labour party indirectly with the Stasi will definitely cause (unnecessary) conflicts. I personally understand your motives, but most likely a lot of users won't. In my opinion, your post has been to hard to boost a factual discussion. Censoring a political discussion wasn't my intention in any case, I wanted to avoid conflicts in the first instance. Anyway, I should have dropped you a note and I'm really sorry that I didn't find the time to do that.
Thanks for your PM and your new post - I read through it and I welcome your overworked statements (e.g. "being a dictatorship" - "getting closer to a dictatorship") which clarify your point of view. Thank you!



PS: A final food of thought I'd like to give to you is passive antagonism as a powerful alternative to revolutions - but that's arguable, too - of course!
Another point:
Before somebody starts arguing that free speech is the proof that some countries are democracies, I'll anticipate in saying that free speech without power is useless. The regime or power elite will use its dependent propaganda media to crush your message.
Free speech is power. Especially in times of the internet, articles interesting for everyone will get published - at least via twitter, facebook and so on. Example out of the past: You might know the White Rose (non-violent/intellectual resistance group in Nazi Germany). Their problem was not publishing their messages, their problem was that the process of publishing this kind of information was illegal.


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Old 20.06.2010, 05:07
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@ scr4ve,

Yet, it has been argued that communication via smuggled-in copy machines were the real cause of change in the Soviet Union (Glasnost).
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