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Old 15.03.2009, 13:42
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Default grid selection is unreliable

I have noticed a few times now that the main grid selection is kinda weird.

It happened once to me that I right clicked on an item in the grid to delete the item (via menu) but what happened was that sudenly all my items in the entire grid were deleted. This happened after I first single clicked the item to disable any selection other than the file I was targeting.

The same thing happened one time when i was trying to "reset" a file and this crazy JD selection scheme also reset other items (and so deleting already downloaded finished files!).

I would describe the issue in short as follows:

1 - single left clicking on an item does not (always?) clear selection of other items.
2 - when right clicking on an item without having anything selected beforehand it is possible to suddenly have more than one file selected.

furthermore I would lke to say that the coloring of the griditems regarding selecting is counter intuitive (except for the green color). Moreover, I dont understand why the grid sometimes shows grey and sometimes white without me having clicked anything.

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Old 15.03.2009, 19:54
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same here
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Old 16.03.2009, 01:45
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Yes it can be quite dangerous to delete or manipulate downloads. I lost a whole list more than once.

The colouring really is confusing. I find it very hard to tell which are selected.

And I would really like it if it NAMED the files to be affected, not just say
"Delete Selected links ? (2)"
Should list the filenames and packages to be affected. Doesn't matter if there are hundreds of them, I want to know exactly which files are affected.

(And as a side effect of deleting a file, all the column widths are reset. This is also annoying and unnecessary.)

I eventually worked out that the (2) refers to the number of links affected. This is not clear, it looks like some kind of error message.
Better to have "Delete Selected 2 links?"

Would it be hard to have an "undo" for these operations?
Then there wouldn't be the fear I now feel whenever I delete a download, wondering if the right one is selected.
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Old 16.03.2009, 03:05
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if you make the grid work flawlessly like in utorrent or azureus i would be very happy.....now every time i perform a gridoperation i get nervous because i dont know what it's going to do.
maybe the expanding feature is just too complicated and you can use two lists: one master list with packages and one detail list with files within the current package (similar to utorrent)...just a thought.
happy coding
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Old 20.03.2009, 00:32
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Set to "in progress" so hopefully the devs will have a look at this^^
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Old 21.03.2009, 13:57
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Originally Posted by pspzockerscene View Post
Set to "in progress" so hopefully the devs will have a look at this^^
Thanks...the more I have been using the up and down buttons the more I suspect the selection handling is seriously bugged. I think my previous description may be too simple for a reproduction of the grid selection problems, but I am glad a dev is possibly willing to look at it.
Today I was selecting several files and clicked the up and down buttons to rearrange the download priority. Every time after shifting the priority about 8 files up or down the selection would just disappear and on one occasion the selection would have extra files added to it! Houston we have a problem

Cheers guys.

edit: Ok gluewurm, danke shon

Last edited by Scotty; 21.03.2009 at 18:01.
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Old 21.03.2009, 17:11
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The treetable downloadlist has been fully recoded and should work more efficient in future release. The release date for the gui update is still unknown, please be patient.
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