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Old 25.10.2018, 04:52
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Default Losing focus after bulk rename

*Sorry, I corrected the title, since I misunderstood the meaning of "bulk".


It seems the behavior of items selection has been changed in LinkGrabbar and Downloads. Can you restore it to the previous behavior?

The issue is, after I rename multiple items, the focus of the items selection go something wrong, and then I can't move the selection by keyboard.

Let's say there is an expanded package with five items in it on Linkgrabber for example. And you are selecting all the items (Ctrl + a). If you press the down arrow key, you can select the bottom item only. However, once you rename the items, it does'nt move even if you press the arrow key. Please take a look at the attached screenshot.

How to reproduce:
1. Select multiple items in LinkGrabbar/Downloads.
2. Press F2 and rename the selected items (a small window appears and showing "Rename N link(s)")
3. After the small window closed, the selected items were renamed and kept selected, but I cannot move the selection by cursor/arrow keys. I have to use a mouse to select another item.

Previously, I could move my selection with keyborad even after the multiple rename. The change occurred very recently (within a month).

JD2 version: #39943
Java version: 1.8.0_40(64bit)
OS: Windows 10
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Last edited by kogepan; 29.10.2018 at 17:33. Reason: Changed title to correct expression
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Old 30.10.2018, 17:51
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It's appreciated if I could get any feedback.
If my explanation is not clear, kindly let me know.
Thanks in advance!
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Old 10.11.2018, 08:58
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Dear Supporters and Dev Teams,

This bug report has been left unanswered for two weeks since my initial post. Is it because my report is not clear enough or confusing? If so, sorry for my poor explanaiton! That being the case, can you simply follow the reproducing steps? You can easily find out the issue.

1. Select multiple items in LinkGrabbar or Downloads.
2. Press F2 and rename the selected items. The window focus moves to a small pop up window which is showing "Rename N link(s)".
3. Press "continue" button, then the small window closes and the window focus goes back to the main window. The selected items are renamed accordingly, and the items are still selected. However, you cannot move the selection by arrow keys anymore. You have to use a mouse instead of keyboard to select another item after the multiple rename.

My guess is that JD2 lost the cursor status during the window transitions.

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Old 04.12.2018, 01:34
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I can reproduce your issue.
However, using the TAB key you will be able to get back to continue via keyboard-only but I understand that the current behavior might not be the desired one.

... because your post sounded as if this has worked before:
Do you have any idea when (e.g. after which update / in which month of this year) this behavior has changed?



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Old 05.12.2018, 06:51
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Thank you for your response

In my environment, however, I cannot get back even if I press TAB key. Pressing TAB triggers nothing in any situation in my environment. Pressing Ctrl + TAB can move the tab selection (e.g. from "Downloads" tab to "LinkGrabber" tab) in normal situation, but it also doesn't work after the multiple rename.

I cannot specify exactly when the behavior changed, but until at least July, I could rename items with keyboard-only. Since I have been using this function (renaming multiple items) constantly, I'm pretty sure this has worked before.
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