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Old 04.10.2022, 16:18
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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
@rezad: unfortunately I'm unable to reproduce the issue and there have been no changes from our side. also if it was a JDownloader error it would affect all user and also happen again when you download again the same file.
Please test your system memory with memtest86. also try to download to different drive.Also you should check/try a different ffmpeg version as you're using a different one than the one JDownloader does install

Also please know that the error seems to happen with av1 codec, so maybe in the past you've downloaded vp9 coded streams.
I understand that this is frustrating as it is not reproducible.
I think it is cause by my net.
if it was my memory I would see that with more file like rar files that I download or videos from other sites like vimeo.

the part about different ffmpeg I dont understand how can I change that.
do you mean my system-wide ffmpeg installed with my os package manager?
I installed jdownloaded a long time ago and dont know what version it has.

about the av1 , it is not only av1 if I remember correctly ( as net in my country, iran, is restricted and cant try now) vp9 also has this error.

but maybe I should disable av1 and see it works better with vp9?
as I said in my first report " I tested with vp9 too so I know it is not av1 only."
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