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Old 05.06.2020, 04:15
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Lightbulb JD 2 TOR Mode

Would it be possible to force all JD 2 connectivity through TOR and still be able to maintain the greatest degree of anonymity and safety?

I'm thinking of achieving this by either forcing all network connectivity through TOR on the machine, or by using a TOR dedicated VPN server (which has its pro's and con's).

Would this work and be safe?

Would it be possible to only run TOR through the JD 2 app? Maybe even create an add-on for the TOR Browser. Having JD 2 dedicated guard nodes and so on...

Regarding the trust issue, we have done it so far, but would it be legally feasible for the company to do this?

Why? Two reasons. First because TOR is free and safe, therefore presenting a good, cheap alternative to VPN's. Secondly because it would increase productivity within TOR.

Would plugins need to be updated to work with TOR or its all the same?
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Old 05.06.2020, 05:14
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when I used tor (experiment what its all about), it worked on a loopback proxy implementation. Which you could easily force JDownloader via the connection manager to utilise and disable the default proxy/connection.

You could use it via vpn implementation, I would recommend setting it up as a interface name and add a new connection in connection manager with that name and disable the default connection.

reason I recommend that you disable default connection, to ensure JD doesn't try your systems default gateway on failure of proxy/vpn. typically vpn just change your systems default gateway, when vpn dies and closes your system default gateway is back to your isp.

Remember that JDownloader requires recaptchas to be solved in browser extension you might need to have some sort coverage for that, vpn or proxy would work there also.

Historically people have had mixed success with tor, usually because its a shared service and ip subnets provided as endpoints are blocked by providers or already been used by other users (free download problem). Also the ip end point is controlled by tor software and not JDownloader (reconnection simulation). You could have many different end points for different downloads (say different services) yet JD doesn't know this is happening. So doesn't work well in respects to ip reconnection, or without reconnection wait time issues are problematic.

fyi: tor is far from safe, historic references can be found to back this statement up. That said its not much different to vpn providers (yet they could destroy there business name/reputation). Public proxies are very risky in the same respects to tor.

hope that answers your queries.
raztoki @ jDownloader reporter/developer

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Old 05.06.2020, 05:33
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Originally Posted by raztoki View Post
hope that answers your queries.
I think so. It's something to consider if i ever find myself without proper VPN coverage, or wish to experiment myself.

Taking pros and cons into account, the VPN option seems far more reliable and effective at the moment, but you never know.

Thank you kindly!
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Old 05.06.2020, 11:17
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I recommend to setup JDownloader so Updates/MyJDownloader do use normal internet connection while rest will use the socks5 proxy provided by your TOR client.
But this will only work for JDownloader itself. Browser Captchas will still use the system/browser-proxy connection.

In case your JDownloader runs headless on NAS via MyJDownloader it is even more important to have such a network configuration in JDownloader because in case of VPN/Proxy connections, you no longer would be able to connect to your JDownloader
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