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Old 28.02.2017, 04:21
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Default Youtube Audio - how to force Jdownloader to use a higher bitrate format for audio?

What's happening: Youtube uses a variable bitrate to play their audio on Youtube. But Jdownloader uses a constant bitrate when saving this audio to MPEG-4. Jdownloader often picks the lower available bitrate of 126kbs when downloading these audio files.

What I'd like to do:
I want to force Jdownloader to pick the 192kbs audio format when saving MPEG-4 files. Saving the 126kbs MPEG-4 file to my computer is complete waste of my time and my computer's memory. 126kbs audio is fine for most videos on youtube, but with rich detailed sound effects in music it is vital to retain as much of that quality sound as possible. I have a 3tb hard drive. File size is not a problem for me. What is a problem is the loss of audio quality.

I feel like this is a system design of Jdownloader and has nothing to do with YouTube. The problem for me is when I download a high quality music video on Youtube the audio may go as high as 192kbs during the middle of the song, but Jdownloader chooses to download a 126kbs audio file. When I compare the audio quality by listening to both it is extremely noticeable. It's a lot worse sounding on Jdownloader's file. Music files need to be the highest quality possible, because the sound is so important. You're degrading the quality of the sound when you choose to pick the 126kbs format.

Side Note: Opus Audio format: I am familiar with the "Opus" audio format option on Jdownloader. Unfortunately it's not a reliable format on Jdownloader. When I choose to use the "Opus Audio Codec" by itself Jdownloader will not always provide me with a file to download. Now when I use the "Advanced Audio Codec" by itself the program will always provides me with an audio file to download. Unfortunately this is the MPEG-4 format which has been defaulting to 126kbs. Which is a major problem for me.

Side Note: Audio on Video files:
Preferably I would like to be able to force Jdownloader to do the same thing with the video files. I would rather save all audio in video files at 192kbs in Jdownloader, even if it was unnecessary. Because right now I'm wasting a lot of unnecessary time demuxing and combining audio files because of this poor audio format that Jdownloader has been creating.

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Old 28.02.2017, 12:08
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First of all:
JDownloader does not "create" any audio format. JDownloader has no transcoding feature, it just uses the raw-streams youtube is providing.

Please give me at least one example link
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