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Old 04.01.2018, 23:14
knewace knewace is offline
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Smile Few Problems

hi, i have a few problems with JD2

1. Why does JD open the browser to load captchas? Is there any way to disable it.

Sometimes the captcha needs to be solved in the browser that is okay to load browser but JD2 also opens browser when the captcha can be solved in the captcha window itself. it's very annoying, of course the browser closes in a few seconds but it is still annoying when you are working on something else and suddenly a browser pops up on the screen.

I used JD1 too but that did not have a problem like this, it does not open the browser when the captcha can be solved in the captcha window.

2. Another captcha problem. Captcha window way too small.

My desktop is in 1980x1080 resolution and when the captcha window pops up it is very small and the captcha letter are so small that i need to get very close to the monitor to see it. Is there any way to increase the captcha window size. The captcha window looks like it was designed for older monitors with lower resolutions. Is there any way to make the captcha window and the captcha image larger, that would be helpful.

3. Different file says "Mirror file is loading" or "Finished Mirror"

When there are two different files of the same name like File01.rar and File01.rar. JD2 assumes that they are the same and says mirror file loading and later finished mirror. It does not download the other file.

I saw the option in the settings "If the file already exists" i set it to Auto Rename. But that works only when the file is already downloaded before. When i add two different files of the same name it assumes the other file is mirror and not different one. Even if they have different sizes and from different sites.

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Old 05.01.2018, 01:04
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re 1)

its a feature called browser loop (covered on the forum and support articles) https://support.jdownloader.org/Know...splay-captchas

use for better quality recaptchav1
browser solver is used for recaptchav2 (requires my.jd browser extension), and other newer captcha products (prob another 4 that use it).

disabling browser loop will result in really hard image quality
disabling browser solver will result in not been able to download from those services.

re 2)

two options, click and drag and resize the captcha dialog, it scales to the dialog size.
else settings > advanced settings > GraphicalUserInterfaceSettings.captchascalefactor. keep in mind that this is for all new captchas that havent been resized by the first method.

re 3)

once marked as finished, (mirrors, errors/exceptions etc) you must 'resume, or reset, or delete and add again, or sometimes you can restart client (depending type)' in order to remove the status. It won't rego through your finished queue.
raztoki @ jDownloader reporter/developer

Don't fight the system, use it to your advantage. :]
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Old 05.01.2018, 12:00
knewace knewace is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2012
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Thanks solved the first two problems.

1. Added a google recaptcha account and now no browser loop experienced.
2. Set the Captchascale to 500 now very big captcha window. VERY GOOD.

3. Okay i will do that.
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