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Old 16.05.2020, 22:45
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Default Rapidgator - Why capped at 5 chunks?

Why does JDownloader now cap/hardcode/limit/etc. Rapidgator itself at 5 chunks? I have my global setting set to 20 chunks which works fine for all other hosts.

I don't mean to be rude, but I don't need comments or philosophical discussions about why I shouldn't set it higher, ISP issues or even Rapidgator issues. I also don't need other comments about max performance or anything else related to that, so again, not meaning to be rude, but please keep those remarks to self.

I just want to know why Rapidgator is now capped at 5 chunks no matter what I configure for the global setting.

By capping it to 5 I can't maximize throughput.

For example, if I use a much older version of "Free Download Manager" I can set it to 20 chunks and get almost 7mb throughput. With JDownloader capping at 5, I max out around 2mb throughput. Up until a few weeks ago I was getting almost 50mb throughput although I will comment that capping was then still limited to 5 chunks I believe. (Yes, there is an issue with Rapidgator that they investigating with respect to the throughput issue, but that is not JDownloader's issue, nor am I asking for questions about that part of things).

Just the 5 chunk limit question.

This is only an issue with Rapidgator. No other hosts have this issue I can set it to whatever I want (performance issues aside) and it works fine.

If I do direct downloads say from Adobe, I get almost 100mb throughput. So I know my circuit and configuration will support much higher chunk counts as well as throughput.

So again, a simple question which should have a simple answer.

Why is JDownloader now hard capping Rapidgator to 5 chunks? I should be able to set it to whatever I want regardless of what performance recommendations may be.
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Old 17.05.2020, 04:09
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Its been hard forced to 5 since 2016.
    private final int maxPremChunks = -5; // 21.11.16, check highest that can be handled without server issues
with annotation it was set on
jiaz 35496 23/11/2016 11:23 PM,

download core in JD is poorly written, one socket issue in the 20 (your chunk setting) will result in all 19 other chunks aborted, and download reconnecting to establish the 20. So with unstable servers downloads never finish, as they get caught in loop. Believe lower setting was forced for everyone to have more stable experience with downloads finishing vs not.
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Old 18.05.2020, 17:23
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@gonzomongog42: speed issue still the same?
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