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Old 20.11.2012, 07:53
dloneranger dloneranger is offline
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Default Archives can extract to wrong directory

JD2 can extract files to the wrong locations

Resetting files (after failed crc) and deleting a finished package can cause unfinished packages to extract to the wrong location
(unsure if one or both of those actions are needed for this to happen)

In the log it only shows as
"removedownloadlinksafterextraction" : "UNSET",
"finalpassword" : null,
"passwords" : null,
"removefilesafterextraction" : "UNSET",
"autoextract" : "UNSET",
"extractpath" : null,
"overwritefiles" : "UNSET",
"archiveitems" : null,
"extractioninfo" : {
"extractToFolder" : "G:\\JDownloader\\one",
"files" : [ "G:\\JDownloader\\one\\two.mp4" ]

The 'extractToFolder' and 'files' both have incorrect data
They should be
"extractToFolder" : "G:\\JDownloader\\two",
"files" : [ "G:\\JDownloader\\two\\two.mp4" ]

Everything else in the log shows the correct 'two', it's just those two lines that are incorrect

The 'G:\\JDownloader\\one' is from a previous package that had finished and been deleted

Right clicking on a still downloading file and setting the extraction location can also show that the extraction path has suddenly changed to a previous package location
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Old 20.11.2012, 10:10
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eisbaer eisbaer is offline
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This is in all JD Versions. A restetet File = new File.
And a the extraction path is the default path.
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Old 20.11.2012, 15:55
dloneranger dloneranger is offline
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Not really sure what you mean by that

1) In jd1 I could reset files and they'd still extract to the same directory as the archives are in (the package directory)

2) They're not going to the default directory or the package directory, they're going to some random other directory from a previously finished and deleted package
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Old 16.09.2019, 19:27
deeepshark deeepshark is offline
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Unhappy Where are my files?


I have downloaded the files to the wrong path.
That would normally won't be a problem but the files have been extracted so I can't find the extracted file.

path was: /volume1/@download[+subfolder]
Can you tell me how to find this file in DSM?

the correct path is: /volume1/download/...

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