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Old 23.10.2011, 08:40
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Question Successful download but failed extraction of .rar

Hi all,

I would like to check if anyone is experiencing and extraction problem. For your knowledge, Ive been using jDownload for many years and have never seen this behavior.

The Problem:
Firstly the .rar files download correctly from either 'FILESERVE, FILESONIC OR WUPLOAD', I have set JDownlaod to automatically extract the files and move to a new location. I have been doing this for as long as the features were implemented.
The extraction process starts but fails on only one of the downloaded .rar files. Its important to know that only some files extract correctly. Consistently the large 4-12GB .mkv file will fail, but the txt and any 60MB sample files are extracted and saved correctly.

At first I thought it was just an unlucky link that I had down loaded and deleted the files and tried to find new links to download. Unfortunately this is now happening on every set of rar files i download. Ive tried over 30 batches of files.

Things to note:
1) I'm using Lion mac OS on a brand new Mac Mini purchased last week.
2) Ive never had a successful extraction on this computer
3) Ive tried to extract the downloaded files with UnRarX and get the same unsuccessful result
4) If I open the downloaded .rar files with VLC the movie will play correctly with no errors
5) I'm using the latest build of JDownloder that has been updated
6) If I take the rar files to a different computer, the extraction process also fails (Including windows XP OS)
7)Ive updated and am using the latest JAVA for Mac OS
8) Error message in JDownload is 'Extract.Failed (CRC in <filename>)'
9) Ive uninstalled and reinstalled JDownload but the problem is persistent

I'm really confused...
1) How can VLC play the files back with no problems yet I cannot extract the files correctly in any application.
2) How can some smaller files extract correctly but never the big .MKV file
3) Is something happening with Lion that is corrupting the files?

Any suggestions or help would be really appreciated. Is anyone else having this problem. I'm contemplating wiping the OS and starting again... :(

Regards and thanks in advance.
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Old 23.10.2011, 09:22
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Your downloads on the Lion system are being corrupted. A media player will be able to play the files because a missing frame here and there isn't important and you won't see it. Extraction programs to the contrary check their archives for (CRC) errors.

Rapidshare files can be checked (MD5 check) but other hosts don't provide the necessary information. That's why they are only detected when you use an extraction program.

The cause of the corruption can be the file or the host, but it's unlikely because you've the problem with big files from different hosts. The most likely reasons are :-

1) You're using too many connections. Reduce the Max.Con. setting (bottom right corner of jD window) to 1. Reset the affected links.

2) Software on your computer that interferes with the downloading process. Please allow java and javaw in your firewall and virus software. Disable (or un-install) the html/web download scanner in your virus software.

3) Hard disk problems; I would recommend doing a disk check.

4) A faulty component (cable, router, modem, etc.) in your network. Check all your equipment and cable connectors or replace cables.

5) A bad Internet connection. If you've the same problem with other computers, contact your ISP.
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Old 26.10.2011, 10:57
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Thanks for the help here. Ive checked through your list and asses. All hardware and software seams fine. I will be talking to my service provider. I believe the problem lies here with a poor connection. I will post the solutions.

Remi, thanks for taking the time to help. Greatly appreciated.

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Old 20.05.2012, 18:34
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hey there, found ur thread after searching on the internet for 3hours.. i've got exactly the same problem.. i've been downloading for a couple of years now with jdownloader and several different hosts, never had any problems untill recently.. either they don't download(something with to do with not being able to connect to the sourcefile?!) or they download correctly but fail on extract.. tried a couple of thing s already like checking anti-virus and firewall, different computers, reduced max. sim. downloads(while before i was able to download 10 at a time), reinstalled winrar + java + jdownloader,..
nothing seems to work.. downloaded at least 20 different movies/series.. getting abit desperate coz i have several premium accounts but i can't do anything with them :/
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Old 21.05.2012, 16:50
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the first thread dates from oct 2011 and still no one has found a solution?? theread, did u find out if it was your isp that was blocking something? cause i did all above what remi said and i'm sure my internet connection is good since i've got fibre.. my hdd is a brand new ssd so it can't be that either..
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Old 22.05.2012, 15:53
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please open a new thread
provide logfiles and example links
JD-Dev & Server-Admin
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