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Old 30.03.2021, 17:02
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Post A little workaround to download all YT videos from a channel

This is just a workaround for downloading ALL videos (i.e. more than a 100 restriction) from YOUTUBE.
In a few steps we can achieve this, without big effort:
  1. In Firefox install this addon (Chrome has the same I believe) and enable it (if it's not):
    HTML Code:
  2. Go to desired YT channel, next go to /videos page (to show a lis of videos).
  3. Scroll down as many times as You can (until You see the last video - a screen will be updated everytime You scroll down) - now all links should be visible.
  4. In the RegexSearch addon (when You click the icon in the extensions list) You will need to enter the regex to detect ALL videos from the channel - You can use for example this one:
    -this gets all needed links to videos (some videos can be additionally added as it searches for all videos on the page, so some suggested videos could be detected as well, but You can remove them later, does not matter). Before clicking the "search" buttton remember to tick the "Global" radio button - it says that we want ALL results to be detected, not just the first one. And then hit "SEARCH'.
    **External links are only visible to Support Staff**
  5. Copy and pase links (You can hit COPY button) from the field under "Result", and copy into Your favourite text editor (word ? notepad ? whatever). We will need to edit links so the JD crawler will detect them later.
  6. In Your editor replace ALL (depending on the text editor You use, just hit CTRL + H or any other)
    HTML Code:
    to :
    HTML Code:
    https :// www . youtube . com/watch
    (To make the link visible I neede to make spaces between dots, sorry, but You don't do this, You need to make it a normal link, without spaces).
  7. The last thing to do, after replacing all links, You need to CTRL + A (select all) and simply CTRL + C (copy to clipboard). Now JD will get links into the list.

If You want, You can prepare some packagizer tools to choose a specific folder or name Your packages in a specific way.
There are probably some other plugins/addons to browsers like Firefox/Chrome etc.. but I did not have time to test or search for the shortest solution. This is my shortest one.

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