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Default How to ask for JDownloader help in Windows

Not everything in this message is always necessary, but it will generally lead you to an answer or provide us with the information we need. You can find the answer to over 90% of questions people ask by following these steps.

Note: For Plugin error (out of date), see Appendix below

1) Make sure you follow the General Bug Report Rules at the top of the forum. If you do not, your answer may be "Read the rules" (abbreviated RTFM) or something less polite.

2) Write a short summary of your problem.

3) Use the Search button near the top of the page to search for similar problems. You will probably find that you are not alone. If you do not find your answer, you will probably find an existing thread to post a message in. A Supporter will read all new messages in the Forum.

4) Examine the JD log. The answers to some of the questions below are usually in the log. You may have to use the ? (Help) menu and Show log command. If your Settings - Basics - General Logging level is not All, change it to All and restart JDownloader.

5) What version of JDownloader are you using (in the log) and on what date did you update it (not when you checked, but when it downloaded new files).

5a) Specify your Max. Con. and Max. Dls. (not in log). Also list your maximum download speed (you can use speedtest.net)

6) What is your OS, version, and number of bits per word? (in the log)

7) What is your Java version, and number of bits per word? (in the log)

7a) The 64 bit version of Java has problems, especially in Win7. The Forum has discussions about this and how to deal with it. Read those before proceeding (your problem may be solved in there).

8) Include at least 2 URLs in your message. Make sure the URLs work in your Browser, but demonstrate your problem in JDownloader.

9) Use Process Explorer or Taskman to find the "user" for the javaw process that is JDownloader (you may have to set the program's columns). You may not be the "user" for the process, it could be a System account.

10) Please make sure the JDownloader "user" has Full Control in the Download directory, any files that are a problem, and the JDownloader directory (and its contents). The "user" must have the privileges to Read and Execute in the Java directory and its contents.

11) Make sure that your Firewall allows JDownloader.jar, java.exe, and javaw.exe to write to any internet port and to read from any localhost port.

11a) You may also have to turn off Strict mode in your Firewall. In Strict mode, a Firewall makes sure that all communication follows the rules, but it usually does not work well in the real world.

12) Make sure that your Antivirus trusts JDownloader.jar, java.exe, and javaw.exe. This means to make sure it will not object to these programs calling others, writing into new or existing files, or using the internet.

12a) If your antivirus includes web scanning, link scanning, or any scanning of your internet data or connection, uninstall the antivirus and install an antivirus without these features (your current antivirus may allow you to install without these features). These features do not help secure you computer. An antivirus should scan files when they are opened or executed. Search the forum for suggested antivirus programs.

13) Upload a complete log that demonstrates the problem and include the log URL in your message. If you have more information (such as screenshots), create an archive, upload it to x7.to, and include the URL in your message. Only Supporters can see URLs in the forum.

14) When you write your help request message, make sure to post it in the correct forum. Also include the information described above.

Please be polite. The JDownloader team is volunteers.
I am having trouble with the ______ file host. When I _________ it does _____.

I searched the forum and this looked like the best thread.

I have been having this problem since I upgraded on yyyy-mm-dd. I am running version _______ of JDownloader. My Max. Con=_ and my Max. DLs=_
and my download speed is ____ mbps.

My operating system is __ bit Windows ____ sp__ on a _______ processor. I last installed updates on yyyy-mm-dd. (or specify that you use autoupdate)

My Java version is 1.6.0.__ for __ bits.

These URLs work in _______, but not in JDownloader.

I have uninstalled my antivirus and double checked that Java.exe and Javaw.exe have full rights in my firewall, to make sure the firewall and antivirus are not causing the problem.

I have uploaded my log to HXXP://____________________________

Can please you please help me?

I am having trouble with the halfwit.biz file host. When I try to download, it displays "Wait 30000 s."

I searched the forum and this looked like the best thread.

I have been having this problem since I upgraded on 2010-02-06. I am running version 9.579 of JDownloader. My Max. Con=1 and my Max. DLs=4 and my download speed is 1.2 mbps.

My operating system is 32 bit Windows XP sp3 on a Pentium 3 processor. I use autoupdate.

My Java version is for 32 bits.

These URLs work in Firefox 3.5, but not in JDownloader.

I have uninstalled my antivirus and double checked that Java.exe and Javaw.exe have full rights in my firewall, to make sure the firewall and antivirus are not causing the problem.

I have uploaded my log to HXXP://x7.to/A5A55A5A

Can you please help me?

Appendix: Plugin error (out of date)

These are so common, there is a short format:

1) Search the forum for a plugin problem on the same host. If you find a thread, check to see if the last message is recent (since the day of the last Plugin update). If the message is recent, you have to wait until the next download after the Plugin is fixed.

2) Assuming that the message is not recent, post a message in the thread listing your JDownloader version, the host, the problem, and at least two URLs that work in your browser, but generate the message in JDownloader.

3) If you have a Premium account on the host, say so. The developer will send a PM requesting your login information (send it in a PM). The developer needs to record a JDownloader session with the Premium account and then test it later. No other use will be made of your login information.
Do not put your login information in the forum.

4) If the developer needs more information, a request may be placed in the thread (so make sure to subscribe to the thread).

Title: Plugin error (out of date) on oploading.com
All of my oploading.com links are showing this problem. Here are three links that work in Firefox, but not in JDownloader 9.579.

I have a Premium account at oploading.com.

Thank you,
Please, in each Forum, Read the Rules!.Helpful Links. Read before posting.
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