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Old 05.09.2022, 00:58
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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
I just want to make clear that we don't force them.
I just wanted to make clear that I didn't mean "forced" as in "required before the user is allowed to continue" (the definition you were referring to that was apparently understood) but as in "auto-installed in the background without any notification" (the phrasing from the knowledgebase article you linked which I had already found earlier before referencing it in my OP).

Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
the plugin system is able to load/exchange plugins without a java restart being required
This should be the meaning of
Originally Posted by JDmurphy View Post
"pushed without user interaction/notification"
if I'm not mistaken. The ability to customize the update settings is very interesting! I take no issue whatsoever with the default behavior though, the only reason for mentioning this was to convey right away that I'm aware plugin fixes can be applied in the background so that JDownloader can directly make use of them while core updates do require a restart.

Originally Posted by JDmurphy View Post
do I have to read it as: "Due to changes in the player.js library the JD youtube plugin wasn't working properly, and a core function had to be fixed to make the plugin work again while fixing the plugin itself wasn't required."
Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
The bugfix was outside of the plugin, within another part of JDownloader. But without this fix, the plugin was/is broken in meaning of not working as wished.
Is there any difference between the two that I might not be aware of which needed clarification?

Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Most likely because they were rolling out new player around the same day.
Not only that, but even around the same time. Which is why most if not all users reporting the fix to be working would most likely have experienced download speeds going back to normal without installing the update - just like me, as shown in the screenshot attached to my last post.

FYI, the same thing happened today again:

After installing the first update from Sun Sep 04 13:20:37 (build #46668) yt dl speeds were still slow.
Later today, speeds went back to normal while I was still on that exact same build, JD running continuously, no restarts.
In the evening, I installed the second update from Sun Sep 04 16:07:28 (still build #46668) which didn't make a difference as download speeds were already back to normal as also reported earlier by users in this thread.
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