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Default WiFi (Publick network( Question!

I have done two of you suggestions:
Let Reconnects Interrupt Resumable Downloads"
"Do Not Start New Links If Reconnect Requested"

But am not sure what other setting I needed to use for WiFi, could you please offer me any suggestion?
where I Live I have WiFi and where I work as well, but am not sure what modem router they use, I do have access to data room at work but not where I live.
Thank you!

Originally Posted by drbits View Post
There are instructions for creating a new script all over this forum. There are several questions in this thread and I will try to answer them.

If you are making a script, you always use the first tab in Settings Reconnection. The others are provided for situations when your ISP or modem company provide a script.

If there is no script available for you, you can record one by using the "Create Reconnection Script" button.

1) You have to know how to use your browser to restart your router or run a test that disconnects you.
2) Start JD, go to the correct page, and fill in the information at the top of the page.
3) Click on "Create Reconnection Script". Then start your browser and JD will record whatever you do to restart your router. (It acts as a Proxy to do this)
4) When you have succeeded, JD will congratulate you and stop recording.
5) Use the test at the bottom of the screen to test your new script. If this fails, repeat step 3, but click on "Raw mode". This will create a more detailed script and almost always works well.

Don't change the tab within Settings Reconnect, or it will try one of the other methods. Always leave it on the first tab if you recorded a script.

Due to a bug in the current version of JDownloader (which will be fixed in the next version), make sure that on the Settings Downloads and Connections page, "Let Reconnects Interrupt Resumable Downloads" is not checked. The following line
"Do Not Start New Links If Reconnect Requested" should be checked.

Somebody asked how to set-up reconnection. By default in JDownloader, there is a blue circular icon at the top just to the right of the Clipboard (Enable/Disable Automatic Reconnection). You will notice that there is a little checkbox on the lower left of the icon (check it to enable it). This sets up JD so that when there is a host on which you need a new IP, it will stop new connections, wait for all current downloads to complete, call your reconnection script, and then allow new downloads to begin.
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