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Old 02.10.2017, 22:24
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Exclamation restarted JD2 and now I have another download list

Now, I'm not sure what happened. When I check the list, it's almost from one month before today.

I'm running JD2 under FreeNAS via MyJD.

I was running and there was some problems downloading a file. Thought it may be there's an update to the plugin and restarted JD2. Then everything in my download list gone. Instead a completed download list from 1 month ago came up. There is no sign of download list before I restart anywhere.

JD2 is installed under
and I was running like this as always:

 java -Djava.awt.headless=true -jar /usr/local/jd/JDownloader.jar
I have two users in the system, root and regular user. I tried running with sudo and also directly from regular user but with the same result?

What may have been happened? Where could be my download list? Is it gone forever?

The downloads were big ( 4 files and around ~100 GB each ) and almost complete ( around %98-99 ) so I don't want to restart them if there's a way to recover it.

Any idea?
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Old 02.10.2017, 22:33
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BTW, I checked all downloadlist zip files under cfg and they're almost all from one month ago.. Two recent ones have the same contents as the old files ( which is created when I restarted JD2 I think ).
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Old 02.10.2017, 22:41
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Well, after checking old messages, it seems my download list somehow corrupted and deleted, the last download list was from one month ago and I think when JD2 couldn't find any recent it restored from that list.. which didn't help in any way.. I restarted the downloads again from beginning which will cost me a day again to download..
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Old 04.10.2017, 09:30
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Yuo have to make sure that you do never mix users!
Running JDownloader once with root requires you to start it ALWAYS with root unless you fix ownership again.
I guess you started it once with root and that's why JDownloader no longer can read/write the lists and fallbacks to importing older ones. As JDownloader uses CopyOnWrite for storage it is nearly impossible to loose all 5 (default) backups of linklist.

Please make sure to fix ownership
sudo chown -R user:group /usr/local/jd/
replace user and group

Lists are never deleted but backuped to .backup file. You can simply remove the .backup and increase number of file to be the highest one. Then JDownloader will read it on next startup
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