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Exclamation RULES: Host-Plugin Reports

The rules will be revised soon.

Search before reporting.
Make sure that the problem has not already been reported. If it has been reported, but you have a higher plugin version number, make sure you have updated JDownloader, and report it again in the same thread.

Please test to assure that the problem is only with one or two hosts.

Change: New host plugin requests should be made in the Wishes and Suggestions forum

The official language of this forum is English, except in the International threads. In International threads, please post in English or Deutsch. If you use a computer translator, please include your untranslated message.

1. Title

The title of a thread should include the Host, the plugin version, and a few words about the problem ("Plugin error: (out of date)", "freezes", "CRC" errors, and so on).

2. Description

Describe as precisely as possible, which things don't work and how to reproduce/cause the error. Please also provide your Java and JDownloader versions, as well as your Operating System (OS) version and Firewall(FW)/Antivirus(AV) software.

Furthermore, to report Host and Decrypter problems, example links are needed! See the Plugins & Addons --> Host list in JDownloader Settings for versions. The links you report must work in a browser, but not in JDownloader. It is best to provide 3 to 10 links and to use these link when generating your Log (below).

It is important that you tell us whether you are using a host anonymously (no account), registered (free account), or Premium (paid account). If you can, please also indicate your connection details (proxy, ISP). If you are using a host account, send a PM to pspzockerscene with your account information and the URL of the message it goes with.

Title: SiteXYZ.com 10123 doesn't work (any more)
"Your text"
Log: Your Log link
Example links: Your example links (full URLs from Right-click, "Copy URL")
Configuration: Your PC-Configuration (see above)
I use this host without an account. I do not have a proxy.

3. Log

Whenever you experience problems, post a Log!
The Log Level must be ALL!
Save or Upload the Log after the error has occurred.
If you cannot find the Log tab or if you don't know how to create a correct Log, read this.

If you can't post your Log, then you can also provide it in a Spoiler in your post (but then anyone can read it), attach it as a compressed file or send it (and the URL of the message containing the information) via personal message (PM) to a Supporter (see links below).
(Only Developers and Supporters can see Logs, which have been uploaded via the Upload Log button in JDownloader).

If JDownloader crashes or freezes, you can run it in a console window. Please see Posting an Emergency Log for instructions.

4. Other

Bumping your thread is not allowed, unless you think it has been overlooked, which may happen even to us from time to time. If you are the last person to post in a thread and you have additional information, edit it into the existing message. Please wait at least 3 days before bumping your thread.

Threads which are older than 2-3 weeks and inactive (completed) or in which the topic creator doesn't provide a Log and other relevant information, will be closed or deleted.Use the Edit button!
Never post the same question in multiple threads!

Occasionally, a post becomes identified as spam by our anti spam bot, so they will have to be unlocked first. You will not be able to see the post/thread. In this case and in case of any other problem, you may send a PM to one of us:
drbits, Think3r, pspzockerscene.

5. Thread-Tags

solved: Means that a problem has been solved, the bug fixed in the source code or the topic clarified.
Repaired or new Host and Decrypter plugins will be integrated into JDownloader with the next normal plugin update.
All other fulfilled requests will only be integrated into JDownloader with a major updat(version change). Otherwise you will have to employ the Nightly Test Version.

in progress: Means that a topic is under supervision of Supporters or users.
In the case of Bugreports, more information is needed from the topic creator or from other users to localize/fix the problem.
The bug will be added to the Bugtracker only after all of the required information has been provided.

see Bugtracker: Means that the bug or request has been added to the Bugtracker, in which everybody may observe its further development.
Once the bug/request has been fixed/implemented, the corresponding thread will be tagged with solved.
But there is still the possibility of declining tickets at a later date. In this case, the reason will be explained in the ticket, noted in the corresponding thread, and tagged with unsolvable.

unsolvable: Means that a problem can't be solved or that we won't implement a request. Concerning bugs, this happens extremely seldom, for example when a Java specific problem is faced for which we won't be able to find a workaround.
Furthermore, unsolvable will be employed for unqualified and unfounded criticism or insulting messages.

We are currently working to improve the thread tags.

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