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Old 20.06.2021, 19:12
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Originally Posted by dvmoo View Post
Question: has that account been update with age information?
Yeah, ages ago. Never had a problem with it until a week earlier or thereabouts.

But do you need an account for normal video? A few months ago, I have seen JD2 requested youtube account too, but need to paste cookies, which, after the 1st time successful, a few weeks later it ask again, and I forget the steps, so I was lazy to redo it, I simply ... delete the youtube account in JD2. And I still can download youtube with JD2 though. So, unless you really need for age verification that you need to enter an account (with update as above), but for most regular clip, I think JD2 does not require an youtube account. That works for me.

Hope that helps...
Obviously I don't need to specify my account...that is, until I come across some age-restricted vid with mature content, which is what happened almost a week ago.

If you still have that request of age confirmation -> are you sure that there is no age-restricted videos in the list you download? what happens if you open this link on web out of JD2?
For the record, I'm not downloading playlists; I only clicked random videos to check the behavior and so far the BF2042 video is the only one I came across that had an age requirement.

And what happens when I copy-paste the URL on a browser where I'm not logged in on YT? Well, I get the black player screen and the invitation to log in.


EDIT: figured it out. Turns out YouTube was set to my secondary brand account (which I mainly used for uploading gaming videos), not my main Google/YT account (which has my real name and was heretofore only used for casual browsing).

For some reason, brand accounts do not seem to share the main account's birth date, even under the hood...and the "Personal Info" tab of the Google Account page does not allow the user to specify his/her birthday for secondaries.

So I switched back to my main account, exported my cookie data and injected it into the account manager and I can see the BF2042 download again; no error message.

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