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Exclamation Reconnection Self Help Guide

FIRST DRAFT Comments desired.
Links to specific examples required (instead of all of the searches).

The most common problems with reconnection (static IP, sticky IP, ans so on) are covered by the Getting Started document. Make sure to perform the steps described there.

Your Recorded Script is Empty

An empty script may contain lines of this form: [[[NAME]]] or [[[/NAME]]]. It may also be empty or contain only an error message.

Recording an empty script almost always results from your security software interfering with the recording software. Often, this means that the security software does not allow JD to reset the proxy port for your browser or blocks the communication on that port. It can also result from a badly designed antivirus program.

Make sure that you have given jdownloader.exe, java.exe and javaw.exe full privileges in your firewall and antivirus (which should completely ignore any data transmitted or received from these three programs).

A) Download the Cleaner program for your antivirus (they always leave trash on you computer when uninstalled).
B)Try setting a restore point and uninstalling your security software. Restart your computer. Run the Cleaner program and restart you computer again.
C) Start JD, change to Settings Reconnect. Make sure that Liveheader is selected. Make sure you have entered the correct Router login name and password and the correct router address.
D) Try recording a new script.
E) If the script is still empty, try changing browsers.
F) You can reinstall your security software by using the Restore Point. If the problem was your security software, it is a better idea to install better designed software. For Windows this means:
a) Microsoft Firewall
b) Microsoft Security Essentials or AVG Free installed without the Link Checker.
c) PCtools.com Threatfire.
d) An antivirus plugin for your browser (such as NoScript).

Your Recorded Script Does Not Work

A) Try recording a script using "Raw Mode"
B) If you have a D-Links, Fritzbox, or other UPNP modem, try using the UPNP setup in the Reconnect part of settings. If your version of JD does not have a UPNP setup, you must search for UPNP in the Reconnect Forum.
C) If the script you download is huge, make sure you have stopped all downloads before trying to record a script.

Your Script Contains a Key or Password that Keeps Changing

The script might run once or twice, but after a few minutes it stops changing.
A) Save your script into a text editor (cut and paste).
B) Record a new script.
C) Compare the two scripts to see if there is some value that has changed.
D) If this is the case, the UPNP approach above will often work.
E) Search for examples of scripts with a changing key. If you search through the text of the web page, you will often see the assignment of the key value to a variable. You can place that in the previous step and use the variable instead of the key in the header.

You do not have a Router
Again, search through the Reconnect forum for Sticky IP or Modem. You can also use an external search engine to search board.jdownloader.org for "MAC" (the internal search ignores words less than 4 letters long).

Usually, you need to create a batch file that disconnects you from the server, calls a program (such as Technitium) that changes your computer's MAC address, and then reconnects you to the server.

In the best case you can use IPCONFIG to disconnect and reconnect. Sometimes you will have to actually log off of your PPP server and log back in.


Schlechte Sicherheits-Software verursacht leeren Skript

Verwenden Sie niemals ein integriertes Programm für die Sicherheit. Sie sind voll von schlecht konzipierten Modulen. Viele schädliche Funktionen werden hinzugefügt, um mit anderen Marken zu konkurrieren.

A) Laden Sie das "cleanup tool" (Bereinigungsprogramm) für das Antiviren.
B) Laden Sie Microsoft Security Essentials.
C) Laden Sie PCtools.com Threatfilre.
D) Speichern Sie ein Restore-Point
E) Deinstallieren Sie das Antiviren. Starten neu.
F) Führen Sie die Antiviren cleanup tool (Bereinigungsprogramm). Starten neu.
G) Aktivieren Sie Microsoft Firewall. Fixieren jdownloader.exe, java.exe und javaw.exe als Ausnahmen.
H) Installieren Sie Microsoft Security Essentials. Starten neu. Fixieren jdownloader.exe, java.exe und javaw.exe als Ausnahmen.
I) Installieren Sie Threatfire. Starten neu.
j) Führen Sie Threatfire "Intelliscan". Führen Sie Microsoft SE schnell Scanner.

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