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Old 10.03.2009, 15:50
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Default Reconnect for non Router user.

My isp uses 24online. All I get is a lan cable. The login is form based and I have to minimize that browser window and open anther browser window to surf. Ip checks show the ip remains unchanged.
Jdownloader works flawlessly but can't reconnect. I tried logging out,killing and reopening browser window and logging in but it didn't work. I did this by creating a macro.
Jdownloader runs the macro perfectly but since the ip address stays unchanged the reconnect is reported as failed and the waiting period is not bypassed.
However I accidentally stumbled upon an interesting behaviour. If i logout,reboot and login then the waiting period disappears.
This raises the question is jdownloader reporting the reconnect as failed simply based on it's own ip check.
I disabled ip check in configuration and did a save and restart but during the reconnnect it still seemed to check the old/new ip.
Or is the loophole in rapidshare. Is logout,reboot, login tripping up their check. I have noticed the same behaviour in easy-share as well. What information or criteria are they using to enforce the wait time.
It's a 15 and 9 minute wait respectively on these two hosters. So would you please consider looking into the matter and implementing an alternative reconnect method that takes advantage of this.
Thank you for sparing the time and attention to read this communication.
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Old 11.03.2009, 02:15
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I have a similar problem but my Ip is dynamic .
what I've to do?
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Old 11.03.2009, 13:30
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you sould try something like i did for my megaupload problem. i managed to change my IP... and it´s static
check my post http://board.jdownloader.org/showthread.php?t=400
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Old 11.03.2009, 14:51
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Default Fails.

The ip switching works but fails to fool rapidshare.
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