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Default jdownloader unexpected shutdown during download java runtime error (msvcrt.dll file)

after many years of using jdownloader without any problems i have experienced issues in the last week with jdownloader shutting down unexpectedly at random times - sometimes it can be ok for an entire 24 hour period (i successfully downloaded a 700mb rapidshare file over a 6 hour 30 min period without it shutting down during this period) but sometimes its after 5 minutes or 20 minutes or an hour, a different amount of time each occasion it happens - today it shutdown on 6 separate occasions just before i uninstalled jdownloader

the problem every time was java runtime errors regarding the file -
C [msvcrt.dll+0x372e3]

i will be as thorough as possible and i thank you very much indeed for your time and help...and i hope this can help others as well

by the way could you please tell me the approx month of expected release for jdownloader2 and is it likely to address the java runtime error and unexpected shutdown? because jdownloader has virtually become unusable with this problem

i have uninstalled jdownloader and updated to java 6 update 33 and am about to reinstall jdownloader - the problems first arose after the java 6 update 26 was installed

i also found it difficult finding older versions of java 6 update downloads...if i wanted to roll back to java 6 update 20 could i do that safely? could you link to proper java run time java 6 updates, and to roll back would you first have to delete java totally with the newer update 33 using javara before a total reinstall of java with the older java 6 update 20, or could you keep java with update 33 then just download the older update 20 without the need for uninstalling and reinstalling java and the update 33 first?

with jdownloader so reliant on using java, it appears java problems and bugs are the number one issue for jdownloader problems - if there is any way in future that jdownloader was not so reliant on java to function properly that would be awesome

i just looked in C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Sun\Java folder and there are folders for jre1.6.0_11 and jre1.6.0_20 and jre1.6.0_24 and jre1.6.0_26 and jre1.6.0_32 and the newly downloaded jre1.6.0_33 - so these are all the previously installed java 6 updates still on my system right? should i keep these just in case i need to roll back to a previous java 6 update if the more recent ones continue to contribute to the run time jdownloader shutdown, or can these older updates be easily downloaded if needed to test if the older updates fix the problem? if the older update folders i just mentioned should not be there should i delete them manually from that folder or just remove all previous java 6 updates with javara?

so my hs_err files from the past week shutdowns were deleted from the jdownloader folder along with all other jdownloader files after the uninstall...but if i get more shutdowns once i have reinstalled i will let you know what they contain in this thread - but hopefully updating java 6 to update 33 solves it

i am wondering if i should remove all previous java 6 updates from my system using javara before or after downloading jdownloader?

also when installing jdownloader is there a way to not have to install the Giant Savings app and associated files as both malwarebytes free scan and AVG 12 Internet Security paid version did not like this being on the system - also when I removed Giant Savings from control panel from add or remove programs AVG told me it was a virus - so is there any way to avoid having to download Giant Savings or is this absolutely not possible? malwarebytes picked up 3 unwanted programs and files associated to my install of jdownloader(and Giant Savings) - they were Giant Savings, Cross Rider and GamePlayLabs...malwarebytes wanted to remove all these 3 and associated files - if these are removed can that effect the performance of jdownloader or corrupt it in any way? or doe it not matter?

by the way when i recently installed jdownloader last week i noticed the 'downloads' folder was not present in the 'jdownloader' folder and when i searched for that folder it was not on the system - and i thought that was a bit odd - so i changed my download directory to a new folder in My Documents, rather than a folder in the program files 'jdownloader' folder

a system restore did not fix the problem of jdownloader shutdown

my malwarebytes free scan indicates zero problems - other than the PUP threat warnings that Giant Savings etc creates for malwarebytes and AVG...and every function of my computer is working great with no popups or adware messages of any kind - my AVG is detecting trojans in C System Volume Information folder but I have been told these are false positives and restore points which dont affect the system...I also turned off system restore then back on again to remove any or all possible infected restore points...but these restore points should not affect the performance of java...i noticed after turning of system restore then turning it back on and restarting it created an extra 3 gig of space on C drive, so hopefully effectively removed any possible infected restore points

is it possible to remove these C System Volume Information restore points from the AVG scan so it doesnt keep detecting likely false positive problems with restore points that are no longer even on the system after system restore was turned off then back on?

I will be contacting AVG by phone this week to ask how to not include System Volume Information system restore points not reporting false positives that malwarebytes does not report at all - i trust malwarebytes over AVG in terms of false positives, so if malwarebytes is showing no problems, i think its unlikely that the problems AVG is reporting are anything other than false positives, as the only problems AVG is listing are System Volume Information

now to the msvcrt.dll file which is important for java to run smoothly...is it possible this file has been corupted in any way causing the problem? i researched the msvcrt.dll runtime problem and noticed it is possible to download a new msvcrt.dll file and rename the original msvcrt.dll file to msvcrtBACKUP.dll then insert the newly downloaded msvcrt.dll into system32 folder then restarting to correct the runtime problem...is this a safe option to try? how do i know if that file is corrupted or damaged and is there a way to scan just that one dll file only to see its 100% ok? if you want the website i saw this fix on let me know and i will pm or email it to you

or is there a way to maually restore or check that the msvcrt.dll file is ok in registry using regedit? also could the folder_reg.reg fix work to restore this dll file...ive seen many people asked touse combofix on help forums, but i would only use this if its absolutely necessary and a computer tech really thought it should be used...would you recommend using any other registry scan checks etc to ensure this dll file is ok?

it appears either a problem with the java 6 update 33 or older java 6 updates still on the system, or a problem only with the dll file - or possibly problems related to the Giant Savings install affecting the system, or a combination of these

and could the shutdown be caused by trying to download a file from a particular filesharing service? could that be a potential cause? eg rapidshare downloaded ok the other day but uploadingto would not work and today a bitshare tv show download was the only file i was trying and i had 6 jdownloader shutdowns

or maybe AVG linkscanner or any other AVG feature - could it have the potential to cause the java runtime error and jdownloader shutdown? should i put the java and jdownloader extensions into allow or accepted items in AVG linkscanner and other AVG features? if so which ones exactly? could this potentially help?

i may also run the ESET free online scan if there are further runtime issues with that dll file - if i do it i wont have 'remove threats' selected just in case, to get a report - then if needed i will run it again to remove threats

also wondering if it is good to clear flash player cache, or do a rootkit scan via a CD in safe mode, or run things like OTL(Old Timer) scan? or windows registry scan, checkdisk etc?

sorry for such a long post but i have put all my thoughts on the matter in this thread to let you know exactly what has happened and options i am considering - i will now do a fresh install of jdownloader and report back how the downloads go and will run a scan with malwarebytes and AVG - but I wont delete Giant Savings and other PUPs related to the jdownloader install just yet - but I will delete them if the shutdown continues - and because the shutdown problem hasnt occured every single download session, when i first download with the new jdownloader install the shutdown problem may not happen at first, but could return the following day...so if you could monitor this thread over the next few days that would be most appreciated

i look forward to hearing from you and again thanks so much for your time and help

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java crashes because of msvcrt.dll+0x372e3 .....I guess you are out of look today. There is already a large thread about this. The only real solution to this was
1.) removal of an unknown hidden trojan in system
2.) reinstall of complete os

this is a mircosoft dll that crashes java and takes down jdownloader. This is out of our hands.


I'm sorry but there is nothing more I can do for you. You can use board search and maybe someone posted a solution to this (how to fix this) but I don't know any real solution.
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thanks for your response Jiaz

so you know of nobody whatsoever who has solved this problem ever? is it a common problem? if you cant help with the dll issue i will try a computer tech site for help with that

but regarding jdownloader if you could answer these questions individually i woul really appreciate your thoughts...

1) can you please tell me the approx expected month of release of JD2 and is there a chance the unexpected shutdown may be solved using a combination of the new jd2 and java 7 whenever jd2 is ready?

2)any chance you would consider allowing me to try installing jdownloader without the Giant Savings app and associated files as this has caused problems? malwarebytes and AVG both consider those files a problem - if you could give an option to deselect Giant Savings during install of jdownloader that would be awesome

3)does deleting Giant Savings and associated files after jdownloader(and GiantSavings) is installed affect jdownloader performance and usage?

4)when uninstalling jdownloader from system does it also uninstall all Giant Savings files as well or does that have to be removed and uninstalled separately? if so what is the best method to do this Giant Savings uninstall?

5)have you ever heard of the 'downloads' folder being missing in the 'jdownloader' main folder after installing jdownloader because that is what happened to me during my recent install - that 'downloads' folder was missing and as i said i just changed the download directory for jdownloader downloads of all files to a new folder in My Documents - so it wasnt a crucial problem, but with the 'downloads' folder missing does it indicate that the jdownloader install did not fully install 100% properly?

6)is there any way to confirm 100% that jdownloader has installed every single file and folder properly?

7)should i uninstall previous versions of java updates using javara so i only have just java6u33 before installing jdownloader? do you recommend this?

8)should i update from 33 to the just released update 34, or stay on update 33?

9)when should i update from java 6 update 33 to the new java 6 update 34 which has just been released?

10)jdownloader website suggestion - if you could display on the site a permanant banner of some sort with something like:
'recommended java update for current use with jdownloader for best performance is: JAVA 6 UPDATE NUMBER 33'... with a download link to that update

because it seems that the most recent java update is not always the best java update to use for jdownloader usage as is the case now, where java 6 is recommended rather than java 7...and the particular best or recommended java 6 update number has not always been the most recent, with earlier updates of java 6 considered better or with less bugs for jdownloader purposes

so because using jdownloader is so reliant on java...to avoid any confusion, it would be appreciated if you could list a permanant message that really stands out on the site to avoid confusion of what is the current best version of java that jdownloader recommends...and then change that java recommedation message as newer java updates are considered better or older updates are considered better than newer ones, as has been the case...not everyone is highly tech and computer saavy, and i think this would avoid alot of confusion for some jdownloader users, and maybe make your job a little easier trying to explain the java updates...if this is not possible i understand, but i have seen many others being a bit confused so if you do end up including a permanent message like this then great, it was just an idea that i thought could help

Jiaz if yourself or anyone else reading this can think of or come across anything which may help with the runtime dll issue over the next few days, or near future, that would be great, as i will check the thread regularly...whenever this thread is read by someone who may have encountered the same problem and/or fixed the problem, if you want to post your thoughts here or pm me that would be appreciated

i hope you can help me with my jdownloader questions Jiaz


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1.) this is not caused by java/Jdownloader at all, we can't fix it. it is caused by the mircosoft dll. I can't give any ETA, but we do our best that it will be stable/final this year

2.) http://jdownloader.org/download/index download the other zip version
3.) those are not connected. so no
4.) you have to remove the bundling (in case you installed it) seperately, as its a complete different product
5.) can't reproduce, by default the downloadfolder is created normally.
6.) start jdupdate.jar (old versioin) or Updater.jar (jd2), it will repair/install missing files
7.) no need to, by default the latest installed version is used. it might be that you use programms that prefer even older version, that's why java is installed in parallel and not overwritten
8.) doesnt matter
9.) whenever you want
10.) we are working on our new homepage where we will also put those information.
10.1.) we are a very limited core team (2 devs) and we better put all our energy in JD2 than in updating old / outdated stuff. even easy changes are complicated because the used framework for homepage suxxs like hell
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ok thanks for your help Jiaz

a few more questions for you -

(A) so no difference between java 6 update 33 or 34 at the moment? are they identical? one not better than the other? which one are you using at the moment?

(B) ) i just noticed in the jdownloader tutorial the recommended settings -
Max con = 2. This is useful for premium user, each file is downloaded with 2 connections.
Max dls = 2. Maximum simultaneous download

would these settings mean you can only download 2 separate files at the same time and if there was a third file in the list it would sit idle and wait for one of the two download spots to open up before downloading? if you changed this regularly depending on how many files you wanted to download at any time would that be OK so long it wasnt more than 10?

should this be the settings for everyone - having both as 2? i had those settings at 20(maximum value allowed) for both(but now i see recommended value for both is less than 10)...could that have potentially caused the shutdown? i will try with both having a value of 2...if it doesnt work i will try both with a value of 1 as suggested in the tutorial...or with trial and error attempt between 1 and 10 depending how many files i want to download at any given time

(C ) i also saw in the jdownloader tutorial to consider putting java.exe and javaw.exe into antivirus exceptions list - i am just wondering where exactly to type this into, and into what features of AVG Internet Security 2012 paid edition? just into the link scanner accepted or exception list or other AVG features and lists too? any risk in doing this?does it need a restart to take effect?

(D) how do i know exactly what my reconnect settings should be and how to know if I have static ip or other types of ip - is there such an ip type known as a sticky ip? how does your router and using wireless internet connection affect jdownloader performance?if i dont change or alter any reconnect settings at all and just go with the install default settings is this the safest way to avoid any problems with reconnction? also forgive my lack of knowledge but what exactly is the reconnection feature for...is it to help when your internet connection stalls, or if individual downloads pause for some reason, and then they automatically reconnect? this area i am really confused about and can selecting the wrong reconnect settings potentially cause shutdown or downloads stopping or any other issue?

(E) so jdupdate.jar will actually tell me wether or not all jdownloader files and folders were installed correctly? it will either say: all jdownloader files and folders installed correctly...or...will list any jdownloader file or folder not installed correctly, then give you the option to fix the problem and install those ones? eg if the 'downloads' folder was not installed in the original install, will double clicking jdupdate.jar create the 'downloads' folder into where it should be, as the default folder for jdownloader directory for downloads? is there a complete list that displays all the files and folders that should be on someones system who has installed jdownloader so you can compare files and folders to the list? i found it quite weird that the 'downloads' folder did not appear after installing the other day

(F) what is the oldest java 6 update you would recommmend for using jdownloader? update 19 or 20? or is that too old, too much of a security risk for viruses - maybe 26 is the oldest one that is considered ok? if you have several java 6 updates on the system, does double clicking any of them in the 'Sun' folder automatically roll back to that version, or would you have to go and redownload that particualr update? basically if you update to a newer update does that wipe the older update, or is it actually still there if you want to roll back to it quickly? would downloading the earlier update be a safer way to roll back to earlier java 6 updates?

(G) can you list the java 6 updates which contained the least amount of bugs/problems for use of jdownloader that you personally noticed during the period that java 6 JRE updates have been available? were there any that stood out as fairly problem free much moreso than other ones...and which java 6 JRE updates were the most problematic?

(H) are all official java 6 older JRE updates still available to download at the official java/sun/oracle sites or do they no longer offer them? if still available could you provide a link?

(I) when did you first notice the jdownloader shutdown problem occuring? do you remember if it was a particular java update when the problem first arose? i think it started for me when i went from update 24 to update 26

(J) are you saying to download the windows offline version of jdownloader? so that is the jdownloader zip file you mention that will not have the Giant Savings bundle? - please confirm...if thats correct thats really appreciated Jiaz...will this download link stay permanantly at that link so if I ever need to reinstall it will be the version without Giant Savings bundle? I will try installing that tonight

(K) good to know JD2 will be stable this year, fingers crossed the shutdown problem goes away...and thanks for considering putting the recommended current java update info on the site when you have the new homepage ready - i think alot of people will appreciate that

looking forward to hearing back from you on these points

i apreciate all the info very much Jiaz, thanks

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a.) of course there are differences, see oracle changelog. update if you want. jd does not care

b.) those are default settings. of course you can set them to more but it depends on your connection speed. having 20 downloads with 1mbit connection is kinda stupid. same goes for 20 connection and 20 downloads. thats pure overkill, 400 downloads... my 50mbit connection I have 1x3-1x5 and thats all it needs to max out the connection

c.) because those are the files that start java as there are many many firewall/av out there we just can give hints how to setup them. and normally you do it by exluding them from firewall/av. no worry, downloaded files still get scanned.

d.) static/dynamic. most cable modems are static. static ip = you restart your modem and you get the same ip again, you do manual reconnect you get same ip again....dynamic ip = everytime you'll get a different one. as you can test your reconnect in settings, there is nothing that can happen. worst that can happen is that you might need to resetup your modem in case the script had errors in it.

e.) updater.jar (jd2), jdupdate.jar(jd1) will scan your installation and fix broken files (hash invalid) or redownload missing files (compare local installation with online file list)

f.) update 26 because lower will cause loosing your downloadlist (because of innternal change in java between <26 and >=26). but you can stay with latest java update

g.) use latest version and you'll be fine...there are no jd specific java issues. whenever there has been an issue, it was a normal java regression/bug that affected deep system stuff
h.) all are available (but you need to register to download from their archive) google can easily find it
i.) it is independant of java version. its a mircosoft dll that crashes, not java one!
j.) this is the zip file that only contains jdownloader stuff. yes, but you can also just remove the checkmark during installation
k.) you are welcome
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ok great to know that version of jdownloader doesnt contain any other programs like Giant Savings etc...i will try it...and if i ever need older versions of java 6 updates i am happy that they still offer those downloads to those that request them, by registering with java or sun or oracle sites, whichever one is most in control of that

(1) would you think its a good idea to regularly clear java cache in control panel, and selecting java icon then clearing cache by selecting Temporary Internet Files 'Settings' in the 'General' setting tab then 'Delete Files' which happen to be stored in C:\Documents And Settings\User\Application Data\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache, similar to clearing browser history in IE or flash video history in flash player? could this make java run more smoothly or is it not necessary? by doing that would all java updates be deleted, similar to what javara does by deleting all older java 6 updates? i would be interested to know

(2) if you have a static ip, but dont uncheck the reconnect clipboard can that lead to any problems...and if you dont enter username and router details in the list can that impact on the performance of jdownload or no matter what you select with these 2 areas its ok?

(3) is it possible for an automatic AVG update, which takes around a minute to run by itself at random times throughout the day, to cause any jowndownloader problems during a download session in progress...same for a daily half hour long AVG full system scan which runs at midday every day for me?

(4) one other thing i just thought of, if i get the java crash in future, if i was to create a different user profile on my computer, and do a fresh install of jdownloader there, is it likely the dll file wont be affected since its a totally different user profile, and should be different and brand new registry and settings for that dll file created? that way if i cant get jdownloader to be used properly without crashing on my current user profile, maybe it will work fine on a new and totally different user profile with administrator priveleges? what do you think of that idea as a bit of a fix to still be able to use jdownloader for downloads on my computer if the problem were to continue?

(5) when installing jdownloader does it install to all user profiles on the computer or only the current user profile?

i will also try some of the other methods as well that i mentioned in my other posts - i also have the option of using my dads laptop for jdownloader downloads

thanks for your help Jiaz, its a little scary being so reliant on jdownloader for all my downloads as if something like this happens, it really makes me appreciate just how amazing the jdownloader system features are...jdownloader is incredible when working well


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1.) jd doesnt care, this java cache is for java stuff you start within browser
2.) jd will auto disable reconnect if it fails too often, so no problem. jd just takes a moment to notice that reconnect does not work. reconnect only avoids waiting times when your free user limit is expired. nothing more. so no performance impact at all
3.) yes, of course...you can read about firewall/av issues all the time in the **External links are only visible to Support Staff**www...sometimes even windows wont start anymore (funny protection tools )
a firewall/av can cause EVERYTHING! it sits soo deep within os..it can be blamed for everything strange that happens and over 4 years of support ...I know it can do even worse
4.) you have to try, I dont know. I'm not using windows. Linux guy <<
5.) installer -> your current installed profile only
5.1.) zip version -> where you extract it to
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ive done a bit of research and for those with the msvcrt.dll problem and java runtime C++ visual library problem relating to C [msvcrt.dll+0x372e3] it may be as simple as downloading and replacing that dll file which is located in system32 folder and entering it to the registry, which can be done with the windows cd, or manually if you dont have the cd...for those considering this i would recommend consulting a proper computer tech at an online site before doing so...sounds like a decent registry cleaner may be able to do this too, but im not sure...but get as much advice and do as much research as you can before attempting anything

or uninstalling and reinstalling jdownloader could work, same with java as there is a msvcrt.dll file in the java bin folder

that other version of jdownloader installed ok without the Giant Savings so thats great....unfortunately its still doing the random shutdown on me...so until i try jdownloader2 later this year, which is hopefully alot more stable than this version in terms of it not shutting down so easily, i have no choice but to use a different filehost for larger downloads(the different filemanager i have just tried for this is working perfectly)...and keep jdownloader for music, youtube, tube sites and smaller downloads, as they will download ok on jd before jd has a chance to shutdown on me, since they only take a minute...its weird because my computer is performing well apart from this jd shutdown, everything else is going ok...i just dont have too much time to be searching for solutions to this jd shutdown, so thats the most realistic solution for me...i just hope its possible to make jd2 more stable and not so reliant on, and sensitive to, java

hope some of the info you provided has helped others too

i will monitor the thread and board to see if anyone else comes up with anything

looking forward to jdownloader2 later this year

again thanks for the info and help

all the best

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