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Old 20.05.2012, 12:31
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Default Discussion: Change "max downloads" to "connection speed"

Instead of setting the maximum number of downloads, why not set a connection speed? For example, setting a speed of 1000K/s would tell jdownloader to keep adding downloads as long as the total transfer rate is below 1000K/s. Once it exceeds 1000K/s, then stop adding downloads. This is NOT a speed limit, only a limit on the number of downloads.
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Old 20.05.2012, 12:52
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Think about your ideas a litlle more before writing them down.
This implies that JD knows which speed a download will have before it starts the download. Example:
JD downloads with 800 kb/s some or one files. Depending on your idea, JD would start a new download, now. But oh wait, the new download is from a host with high speed, so JD downloads with 1300 kb/s, now.
Or don't you care if the download speed is a little higher than set before?
Anyway, I don't think we will implement this because there already is the pause function to reach this. Right? Hmmm, hard to say. Let's wait for some other opinions!
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Old 20.05.2012, 15:19
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The goal is to download as many files as possible, until the connection is maximized. This is what you do when downloading manually, right? You keep adding downloads until the speed stops increasing. Then you don't add more because that would only divide your bandwidth across more files.
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Old 20.05.2012, 15:34
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I think it's a good idea, but not sure if this can be done.
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Old 20.05.2012, 18:21
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The idea ist good but what happen when you start a Download via Browser a YT Video or normal Download, Download rate sink and JD starts more Downloads. They same if more then one using the internet connection.
So i'm not sure how proper that will work.
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Old 21.05.2012, 05:58
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heh it could fight badly against QoS that's for sure ;p
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