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Old 30.07.2013, 21:42
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Question JD2 secretly using ALT-key on toggling its own window

I recently noticed, that my ALT-key was activated sometimes - but not by me on purpose.
(since I'm using ALT for my push-to-talk button in Ventrilo, I can see and hear that it was used.)

Now I know why! Every time I click on the JD2 tray icon to show (and then again to minimize) the JD2 application window, I can see the ALT-key beeing used.
Is there a special reason to have this in JD2? Can it be disabled somehow, without disabling tray icon at all?
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Old 30.07.2013, 23:30
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Not sure If I understand well, but you mean... When you minimize to tray JD2 automatically press the ALT-Keyboard?
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Old 31.07.2013, 00:25
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There is alt + something binding for all window focus actions. This was appworks method to over come type impracticality. It can't be disabled, sorry to say. I assume ventrilo allows you to bind to another key ? Alt is most likely not a good key as its generally used by most programs for keyboard binding (alt f4 etc).
raztoki @ jDownloader reporter/developer

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Last edited by raztoki; 31.07.2013 at 12:41. Reason: coalado has added new advanced settings see below.
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Old 31.07.2013, 09:38
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I changed the shortcut to SHIFT+CTRL+ALT - maybe this helps.
Moreover, there are 3 new advanced options now:

GraphicalUserInterfaceSettings: Windows Window Manager Alt Key Combination
The Shortcut itself. default is 16,18,17 - shift,ctrl,alt
if you really want to play with this keys, look at http://goo.gl/HIN9Wj to get the right VK_key Codes. Make sure to convert them from hex to int.
but hey... please do not change anything on this codes. you probably only make things worse ;-P

GraphicalUserInterfaceSettings: Windows Window Manager Alt Key Workaround

Use this option instead if you want to disable the alt workaround. However, jdownloader will probably get focus problems. windows might not come to front or will not get the focus when you expect it, but flash in the taskbar

GraphicalUserInterfaceSettings: Windows Window Manager Foreground Lock Timeout
There is a windows registry entry: http://goo.gl/vxYaGD If this is > 0, windows might try to block "to front" calls. That's actually why we need all this alt workarounds. If this value is >0 for you, you can set it to 0 - reboot windows, and your problems will be gone.

So my advice:

  1. Update to the latest version, and check if the problem is already solved
  2. If not, try to disable "GraphicalUserInterfaceSettings: Windows Window Manager Alt Key Workaround", and check if you get focus problems. Example: try to force a captcha window. it should steal focus (Depending on your settings in the User Interface Panel)
  3. If this does not help, set "GraphicalUserInterfaceSettings: Windows Window Manager Foreground Lock Timeout" to 0 and reboot your windows.
  4. .... or think about using a different key for your Ventrillo
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Old 31.07.2013, 19:58
Johsnon Johsnon is offline
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alright, nice'n'fast answers, thank you all!
I'm now using option 2.
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