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Default About Jdownloader Slow Download Speeds


< JUST MY EXPERIENCE, YOU CAN SKIP THIS PARA IF YOU WANT > I never heard of Jdownloader before but when I found out about it, I thought I should give it a try . It's cool features like copying the link adds it to the Link Grabber was amazing, until i found out it don't only look out the link you just copied but others in your clipboard too, So i just wanted to add one link and it started adding hundreds of link from my clipboard (happened before also cause I was trying to add them, but it was too much as they were all meta links, so I thought I would try one at a time, but it ended the same way).

So let's come to important part, I got the hang of it, found out things like filtered links etc etc, so I was finally able to add links I want and in an easy way. Then it came to downloading and this is what happened -

Before that I should mention that I was downloading a file into 73 parts, so just to save time I used Jdownloader, I didn't know that much about Max. Chunks and Max. Simultaneous Downloads. I was downloading through Clicknupload which seems to have no data caps or so as i thought, but doesn't support simultaneous download.

In the beginning it was working fine i.e. at good speed, but as I started monitoring it, I found out it was weirdly slow , when I say weird I'm gonna tell you why. I changed settings time to time so we're going in that way -

PS - I mentioned both MBps/KBps and Mbps/Kbps just so there is no confusion. Also to cut to chase, Clicknupload supported 2 connections at a time, It could be 1-1 connection for 2 files or 2 connections for 1 file. IDM was able to make 8 connection(full speed) before I was using Jdownloader, Later 4(full speed) and then fall down to working 2(45%speed) , Maybe it was - cookies & temp files saved by clicknupload, slow internet speed (as I don't get that much speed all the time), clicknupload download policy, Timeout, static IP address etc etc I don't know

Max chunks-20; Max downloads-1
It started out with smooth 2.4MBps(19.2Mbps) , I was happy with it and It was downloading 1 file with 2 connections, but after it download the first file the second one starts downloading at 400-600KBps(3.1-4.6Mbps). I was like whaaaaaattt???? So I tried some things.

Max chunks-20; Max downloads -10
I wasn't aware of all that Clicknupload stuff at that time, so first it started downloading 2 files with 1 connection each with combined speed of 2.0MBps(16.0Mbps) It was combined of 600KBps+1.4MBps(4.6+11.2Mbps). After downloading the fast file it showed an error of download limit reached with red exclamation sign on next nine files or all of them I don't remember. And only one file was downloading thereafter with like 400KBps(3.1Mbps)

Max chunks-20: Max Downloads -1
The same file was downloading with only 1 connection rather than 2, The other problem I found with JDownloader It doesn't changes no. of connections/chunks per download if it already started as addressed by this situation.

Max chunks-2 Max Downloads-1
File still kept downloading with one connection.

Max chunks-1 Max Downloads -2 This is when I compared download speeds
Here Jdownloader was downloading two files with one connection each with combined speed of 1.4MBps(11.2Mbps) with 400KBps+1MBps(3.1+8Mbps). But on the other side IDM was downloading one file with 2.4MBps(19.2Mbps). After sometime, Jdownloader was downloading 2 file with 1 connection each with combined speed of 500-600KBps(3.9-4.6Mbps)

So I really think Jdownloader needs a lot of fixes when it comes to download speed cause it keeps getting slower. I just used it to get all the links but not for downloading them rather than using IDM for it. Cause I'm not saving any time if downloads are slower which was the sole purpose.

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