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Old 05.02.2011, 19:14
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Default No hoster is working except rapidshare

since 2 days my JDownloader isn't working well. The only hoster is rapidshare which is still working.
JDownloader is testing for the online of the file and than show errormessage "Hoster Problem ?" The files can be downloaded with firefox so they are online @ the hoster.
I made an update of JDownloader (0.9.581), my OS is Windows XP (SP3), the Java version is downgraded to 6.17
Log file: http://jdownloader.org/pastebin/27856

Any ideas what's running wrong?


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Old 05.02.2011, 19:27
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Do you have any Firewalls / Anti Virus Software installed ?

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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Do you have Nero installed?
That's true James
Originally Posted by James
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Old 05.02.2011, 21:47
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No firewalls or Virus-SW.
There were no changes of the system the last time. Because I was not sure if Java was updated I've made a downgrade and I updated JDownloader. But I didn't deinstall anything befor updating.

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Old 06.02.2011, 09:06
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Your log file shows that you are running Java version 1.6.0_23 (6 update 23). Please uninstall all copies of Java and Quicktime. If you want, install Quicktime (before Java). Install Java J2SE 32 bit JRE 6 update 17 or 6 update 21 (java.sun.com/products/archive). Make sure the automatic Java updater is not enabled.

Please check your download speed with speedtest.net (or similar) (with only your browser running). Make sure it is over 80Kbits/second (or some hosts will time out). Check for other programs that normally run and make sure they are not using the network or excessive amounts of CPU time.

Try changing your Settings -> User Interface -> Look And Feel to the "Windows style" and restarting JDownloader. As I understand it, this has the least overhead and the fewest problems.

Make sure you can download the links to other hosts with a browser. If you still cannot download the links with JDownloader, please Post an Emergency Log showing JDownloader failing to download at least three links that work in the browser. There is a link in my signature to instructions for posting an emergency log.

When you say no firewalls or Virus-SW, I assume you mean that you have never installed any since installing the OS. Otherwise, make sure you have uninstalled the programs and run any appropriate cleanup programs (from the AV support site). Then, run a registry cleaner. Antivirus programs leave hooks in the OS, even when you uninstall them.

A complete virus check would be a good idea. Browse to "pandasecurity.com/activescan/index/" and perform a Full "on-line scan"

Find a computer that you know does not have a virus and run the same scan. Then, browse to pandasecurity.com/homeusers/downloads/docs/product/help/is/2010/en/241.htm and download the ISO for the Rescue Disk. Burn this image to a CD.

Take the CD and boot your computer with it. It will boot into ISO Linux and provide virus scanning and cleaning tools. Any hidden viruses will be found, because you are running a different OS.

If you are not going to run a real-time antivirus, then it is worthwhile to download an antivirus that you can run manually (and schedule it to run daily with the OS Scheduler).
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Old 06.02.2011, 17:36
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you supposed a deinstallation of Java .. and some other things.
So I decided to start with a complete new JDownloader. A fully deinstallation. I got a very empty JDownloader directory ;-)
New installation and update. The update proceedure takes much longer than days before. Of course all settings and containers are gone. But, the JDownloader is running well.
Because I didn't do anything except complete de- and installation of JDownloader I think the problem was an unclean update-process.

THX for your time
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Old 07.02.2011, 14:43
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running jdupdate.jar is the same as reinstalling it
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