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Old 04.09.2023, 15:52
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Unhappy Flag Cookies addon for Firefox used for logging in - serious perf issues, UX issues

I've been using JDownloader for a while - I'm still learning it. I really like it, it seems like a great power tool that doesn't limit people in what it does.

I've tried downloading something off of Twitter today and that required my login cookies. The tutorial requires the use of a Firefox addon called "Flag Cookies".

The moment I installed it, my browser slowed down to a crawl. Rebooting didn't help. I must add that I'm a power user so i have a lot (LOT!) of windows open, but during normal operation my browser has immediate response and is very snappy. I think something in this addon has some sort of issue that requires it to constantly communicate with various tabs, and maybe there's some > O(n) behavior happening there. I had to disable it again.

Yes, I could start a new profile just for JD logins, but that's cumbersome. Also the usage story of the plugin itself isn't the best.

UX issues:

when I decided to log into Twitter, a dialog showed up that told me to enter the user name and password. I did that, and then a popup showed up with a confusing message:

"Cannot add Account because Enter cookies to login"

but eventually I also got a new tab in my browser opened with a support page. This page is a little cluttered so by the time it was time to take the cookies and enter them somewhere, my eyes kind of... glazed over and skipped step 4 and the rest. So I didn't know where to go to put the cookies in - it took some googling (which eventually put me on the same page) until I noticed that image with the red and blue rectangles that says to put the cookies string into the password box.

This whole experience is kind of overwhelming and kind of jank... it could be better.

The popup informing me I need cookies could be better than "Cannot add Account because Enter cookies to login". Maybe "Cannot add Account because you need to enter cookies in the password box to log in"? that's intelligible

Maybe a new dialog could be added where now i'm not entering cookies into a box called "password", but there's instead a box called "cookies".

But also the Flag Cookies addon is a problem.

I feel like the whole process could be easier if there was a dedicated JD addon for browsers. Instead of interacting with every which tab, I could just open a single tab with the plugin in action there. When the desktop JD app wants to log into a specific site, it could just ask the plugin to open the app in an invisible iframe, and then thanks to that, the addon now has the right context to load the cookies. The cookies never expire and no copy-pasting is necessary. And if you had such a tab open in multiple tab containers, then you could have multiple logins into a single site available at once. The addon could communicate with JD via a localhost https port that JD exposes. I don't know if JD already has a https rpc port - but I guess it probably does. When trying to log into a new app in the JD desktop app, it would just tell me to install the browser plugin, and once that's set up, it would tell me eg "Here are the logins for twitter that we detected in the browser: ..."

OK, I know that's a design that's a little complex maybe when you describe it - but I feel like the whole login situation in JDownloader could be greatly simplified in this way.

I do appreciate however the fact that copy pasting cookies manually is good for users who want to have absolute control over what they give JDownloader. They should still be able to do that, it's a good thing for them.

If anything, I hope the instructions can be updated to mention some other addon that can get cookies out of Firefox, because Flag Cookies is seriously unusable. I would appreciate suggestions for another addon.
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