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Old 27.05.2009, 16:09
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the new version works great so far for me .. my suggestions to make your upgrade swoman is to completely delete the old version and do a complete re-install and than disable the animations .. everything works all good , and hotfile works again, wooo! .. thanx JD-Team .. haters always hate :]
Old 27.05.2009, 16:25
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:thumbup: thanks for this amazing software, Admin you are the best!! everything works fine. keep up the good work !!!
Have a nice day.
Old 27.05.2009, 17:06
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Default GUI is terrible

you may have gui speed ups, less ram, less cpu, but the new gui is terrible
the old one is much better...

if i were to keep using the 4.xxx verison and update only the plugins, would everything work normally?

yeah, i made an account just to complain about the new gui
Old 27.05.2009, 17:14
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Can only agree with the threadstarter. Want to DL some stuff but the update would force me to watit an hour or longer. So I dl the new version and deleted the old one... After searching this ugly GUI for some new usefull features (without success) I capitulated 'cause NO DL work.. It counts down and then nothing.... "Disconnect?"
Bah! likeing shit.


Great... No add-ons for the old version available

Edit by Jiaz: why didnt you setup your jd NOT to update? *there is an extra option for it *only update on manual request* and its exactly for this reason, to use a version without the need to update*, i cant help ppl that do not read the changelog

Last edited by Jiaz; 28.05.2009 at 02:50.
Old 27.05.2009, 17:27
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Hi. I have read all massages so far and want to ask something. I was using the old version of jdownloader and it was perfect for me. At this point I should thank all developers. There were about 120 movies with their links from rapidshare and megaupload in the download queue.
When I started the update this morning everything freezed. I had to close the program many times from the task manager with the hope it would work properly the next time. Now, when I start jdownloader, it does not do anything anymore. It just freezes like an iceberg. I try to start update manually, but nothing happens. All my movie list is buried now and all I care is this huge link repertory.
Now I'll ask some questions. Where are the movie links stored in jdownloader folder? Is there a way for me to retrieve them? What if I download the new version from jdownloader homepage and copy-paste the "downloads" and "backup" folders from my old jdownloader folder to the new one? would that work?
I would really appreciate it if you answer all the questions. Thanks again.

Edit by Jiaz: Dont worry: there are a backup of config folder in backuo folder and a backup of linklist in linklistbackup! it did not freeze, it was updateing which takes LONG time because of high serverload

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Old 27.05.2009, 20:59
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Edit by Jiaz: its working fine, read my other comments
Allright, since you're so convinced about it I'll give you this: I believe it is possible there is some procedure by which this version works, after you wait for up to five hours (??!!), make some voodoo along and try again... and again. This at least on some machines. However, I'm sorry to tell you that this is not how good, reliable software behaves.

Edit by Jiaz: all the problems are only because of the high serverload, 6tb per day

With good software you launch it and it goes. Simple. Easy. On any machine (or it says it needs component x to work well). While it installs it says what it does. If there are problems it says what went wrong and what you should do next. It does not mess up user files, without asking about that. If your soft does not work (or has big problems) on half of user's machines, then it DOES NOT WORK. It's the real life environments that define good usable software, not the 'lab' performances.

Edit by Jiaz: buy us some updateservers and you wont have a problem again (joking, but you get the point, the problem is the limited bandwith)

Also you might be surprised that a lot of people did not go through your beta testing process. They want a good, stable product so they stuck with the old versions and updated them as best they could. When they were forced (or persuaded) to update to this totally new version, saw it was useless and were not able to revert to an old one, they were left with no downloader at all.

Edit by Jiaz: noone was forced, users had the possibilty to setup jd NOT to update and work standalone

And fortunately the old version, if updated to the latest stage (april - may 2009 it was ?), works very well, at least with the biggest file hosts. So why don't you do us all a big favour and, while you work on the new masterpiece, put up a 0.4.xxx version (updated as recent as possible, particularly regarding host modules) - so that we may actually have a working, usable downloader while we wait for the new sensation ?...

PS I think there would be a lot more people who would DL and try the latest version if they knew that, should it not work for them, they could always revert to an old and reliable version and wait for new build to upgrade

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Old 27.05.2009, 22:30
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(Sorry for my english)

When I started this morning JD a message came asking for 3xx updates or so AND an advice of download and fresh install the last version. I thought the fresh install would be quicker so i did it.: I created a dlc with my list, download the last version, started it, took five minutes or so to get use to the new gui, load the dlc and started it. Since this morning the program have running smoothly without problems. I found about the bugs concerning reconnect and addons, "well i think i'll wait till the next update for those features".

In short i'm happy with the program, I can like the new gui more or less but since hey i can't control it, neither do i can control the guis of every program i use everyday on my computer, the are what their developers wanted them to be: i like, ok then, if not it is as simple as not using them.

Why i'm saying all of this? Well the thing is that when i opened the forums to see if the mentioned bugs where reported or there was any solution i found many users (the truth is that they aren't many but they sure do a lot of noise ^^U) harshly complaining, pushing the devs around and nearly insulting them. I have some things to say to all those users:

-Can you do a better prog and do it for free? -> then do it
-You can't ? -> then you may have a vague idea of how dificult it could be so why not try to be politer and not so egomaniac with with the people who made it posible for you to use a program that's been surely of lot of help sto you.

Am i saying not to make an opinion? Of corse not, all i'm saying is to make it in good manners not demaning (you can't demand for something it's given you for free) or using sarcasm. I when i read some post I recalled those childs complaining for their birthday present.. ^^U.

That's for devs: **External links are only visible to Support Staff**Thanks

Edit by Jiaz: thanks in name of the team

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Old 27.05.2009, 22:32
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MXM, you haven't spent a dim for this amazing software, so Just shut up and get lost.
and stop talking bulshit!!
Old 27.05.2009, 22:52
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I should tell you that after posting my last massage here, I downloaded the new version from jdownloader website and extracted the zip package into my old jdownloader folder as it is explained in the homepage of jdownloader. Now everything is perfect again. Thank you very much.
Old 27.05.2009, 23:31
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Originally Posted by MxM View Post
So why don't you do us all a big favour and, while you work on the new masterpiece, put up a 0.4.xxx version (updated as recent as possible, particularly regarding host modules) - so that we may actually have a working, usable downloader while we wait for the new sensation ?...
Yes, please do that!
Old 27.05.2009, 23:50
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Lightbulb Older Version

Hey all,
I have been reading all these negative responses, and I think it's just disgusting that people that are getting something that other people made for free can complain and put in their 75 cents, when noone asked them for their 2 cents.(unless it were for assistance or information) Not meant to offend any more. I have decided to attempt to help ease the bickering and am going to post this older version WITH PERMISSION from Mods. and Admin. Please stay tuned for the upcoming version of JD! It will be what the older versions were, and more! Keep the faith, for you have all this time while using the JD product. And just like any other program, it takes time to perfect, then tweak things to the best possible way. Give these folks the respect they deserve, for offering YOU FOLKS something they created for free.

If you are using any program only a few times, buy the product.

Well here's the link:
**External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff** - make sure you shut off Auto Update if you do not wish to switch to the new Beta, but turn it back on later on.

Scanned w/ Malwarebytes, AdAware, and ESET Nod32

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Old 28.05.2009, 00:12
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Default Agree.

Unfortunately agree. It has been a nightmare. I refused the update but v4 just wouldnt work from then on. Bit the bullet and separately installed v5 but couldn't import my old queue.
Edit by Jiaz: why import,just update and it works fine
No it didn't. Updated twice. First time the queue didn't show up. Second time it did but jd wouldn't download. The app clearly recommends a clean install rather than an update why was there no clear provision for importing the queue ?

Afters hours of experimenting, finally got everything working only to realize it wasn't worth it. I have 6000 links in 400 packages and the order is completely messed up. The simple movement arrows are nowhere to be found and do not tell me that setting priorities will be easy in such a huge queue.
Edit by Jiaz: dragdrop and the movetotop/bottom will be possible soonThank you but it's niggles like this that seem to have upset many users.
Plus the navigation is so helpful. Every time you delete a link or move links into a new package the focus jumps straight to the top of the queue.
Edit by Jiaz: its a known bug
Scroliing through 6000 links repeatedly has been quite a game.
The link collector which was so convenient is now unrecognisable.
Edit by Jiaz: linkcollector is faster, better (autopackaging for examaple) and has much more cool features
True, but is it automatically better to use ? No. Don't see the faster bit either. Copied text first show up in some text window and then the package shows up. On old jd links pop up instantly in collector and are checked instantly
The columns, panes etc cannot be resized. The layout is just jarring. Jd had it's own identity, now it looks like a lame wannabe.
Edit by Jiaz: works fine here, to resize and disable/enable
Not working so fine here. Jiaz I appreciate your clarifications and I do not endorse any abusive criticism but something has gone wrong here. A certain design philosophy approved by many jd users has needlessly been scrapped. I set config just once or twice yet now it needlessly sits on my main window alongwith the link collector wasting real estate. Scrapping menus wasn't a good idea. I like the link collector window sitting unobtrusively in the background with only the occasional click to accept. Collapsible panels jumping up and down are irritating.The old interface was intuitive and uncluttered. Beauty in simplicity. Compared to crypt etc you set the bar quite high with jd and now have fallen short.
Free or not this is a poor piece of work. I found jd after trying crypt etc and was extremely impressed with the intuitive, easy functionality of the app. Any improvements
should have been limited to hosters, decrypters, speed etc. There was absolutely no need to mess around this much with the interface.
Please consider updating, not abandoning the previous version of jd for established users. We can't thank you for this new version but we will be very thankful for our old version.
Thank you for sparing the time and attention to read this communication.

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Old 28.05.2009, 00:47
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It's shaping up rather nicely for me. At first it was like but the devs sorted the issues and now it's like.

I'm actually downloading a massive UJ package without having to enter stuff all the time and just a few days ago the bloody thing would hardly even start! RESPECT!
Old 28.05.2009, 01:01
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Originally Posted by Tolmies_underpants View Post
It's shaping up rather nicely for me. At first it was like but the devs sorted the issues and now it's like.

I'm actually downloading a massive UJ package without having to enter stuff all the time and just a few days ago the bloody thing would hardly even start! RESPECT!
The new version is great but it seems some people can't see further than the new gui...
Old 28.05.2009, 02:40
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Hey, just thought I would post my $.02.

All you whiners shut the heck up. You are getting something for free, that takes hours and hours of multiple developers times to make. I am really excited that jdownloader finally got a bunch of bug fixes it seriously needed.

Though I admit that the new gui has a pretty steep learning curve, it looks nice, and for the most part is functional. If you don't like dealing with bugs, maybe you should have thought about that before you downloaded a project with a version number under 1.

If you must whine about things in jdownloader, "It sucks" helps no one. Explain exactly what doesn't work, or isn't intuitive. After the serious man hours that the devs put in, the least you could do is spend five minutes typing up something that is intelligent, that the rest of us might actually want to hear.

I for one, greatly applaud the devs on this version update.
Old 28.05.2009, 04:13
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Dont know what everyone's complaining about, I updated yesterday, works perfect!
Love the new GUI, looks and functions much better that the previous version.
Great stuff to all involved - Can't believe it's fro FREE!
Old 28.05.2009, 06:01
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Thanks to all the devs and support staff for getting this out.

0.5.859 works fine for me and there's nothing I could do in previous versions that I can't do with this. It uses less resources and is faster to load.

Ignore the whining droids; they have ulterior motives.
Old 28.05.2009, 07:55
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I personally haven't had that many problems with the new (0.5.859) version. I think they've done a wonderful job with the update and whatnot and it's actually a lot more stable than the previous version which kept crashing on me every once in a while.

That said, I'd like to ask a question:
Did something happen to the Asian text plugin? Because I had a number of files that I was downloading that have Japanese text in their file names and the update has essentially scrambled their names completely.

Is there a way to fix this?
Old 28.05.2009, 08:39
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Just wanted to add something positive and say that the new version works fine for me. I too have gotten the slow update problem but I've seen that before for other free software packages that have had major updates.

I see no great problem with having to make a few attempts to get major updates within a few days of those updates being released. This is free software after all, not MS Office.

Old 28.05.2009, 09:03
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just registered to say that I have no problems at all with the new version so far, maybe its just me but I didnt really notice anything about it getting harder to use or getting used to it.

I noticed it auto extracts the files now though when a download is complete, can I change that somewhere?

Thanks for this great program! Alot of people appreciate all the work you guys do remember most of the people that are satisfied with this product won't come on the board to tell about it.
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