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Originally Posted by drbits View Post
Unfortunately, the UK has signed-on to the fake "War on terrorism" and has passed laws to allow the government more control over suspected terrorist communication. People providing world wide access to software are considered terrorists under the new definitions.

This is not a political statement, but a statement of fact, since "War on terrorism" makes no sense. "Battle against terrorists" makes a lot more sense.

The battle against terrorism (or whatever term used) is just a fake excuse for imperialism, not only for gaining control over scarce resources, but also to control and censor the opposition in the imperialist countries. That's why invading Iraq was possible. The voices of the opposition against the invasion in the US, and its satellite the UK, couldn't be heard because they were completely censored and blown away by propaganda.

The sophisticated design of the fear for terrorism is used to wipe out the right for free speech and remove all other remaining freedoms. Creating a 'mystical' fear is by far the best way to get control over people's minds.

There are more than 100 times more deadly car accidents than there are victims of terrorism, but there is no war/battle against car/truck drivers.

There are tens of thousands of people killed each year in the US due to domestic and other violence. People kill each other with fire weapons, but there is no battle against fire weapons or the people owning them, because the people in the US consider the occupation of killing each other as a kind of 'freedom'.

Terrorism is just the only way of the people in the 'occupied' countries (possessing cheap resources) to resist or fight back against the continuing aggression of foreign, imperialist countries.

What would you expect if Iran, North Korea, Egypt or any other (friendly or not so friendly) dictatorship would build military bases in the UK or the US?

The 911 attacks were organised by ultra secret cells in the CIA/FBI and executed by Saudi people, but Iraq was invaded...that's the difference between friendly dictatorships that allow cheap access to their people's resources and dictatorships that ask a higher price.

These are not political statements but facts, although some of these facts will need more time to be known and leaked to a larger public.

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