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Old 20.07.2009, 14:28
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Default Update problem?

Update JDownloader at F:\Backup Programs\JDownloader
{WEBUPDATE_DISABLE=false, PLAF=null, SERVERLIST=[http://update0.jdownloader.org/bin/ (-1%), http://update4ex.jdownloader.org/ (-1%), http://update2.jdownloader.org/bin/ (-1%)]}
Starting...Current Date:Mon Jul 20 07:22:38 EDT 2009
Backup found. date:Wed Jun 03 10:37:41 EDT 2009
2009-07-20 07:22:39:Update Downloadmirrors
2009-07-20 07:22:40:Updateserver: http://update0.jdownloader.org/bin/ (-1%)
2009-07-20 07:22:40:Updateserver: http://update4ex.jdownloader.org/ (-1%)
2009-07-20 07:22:40:Updateserver: http://update2.jdownloader.org/bin/ (-1%)
2009-07-20 07:22:40:OS Filter: /tools/linux/unrar/unrar
2009-07-20 07:22:40:OS Filter: /tools/mac/unrar2/unrar
2009-07-20 07:22:40:UPDATE AV. /JDownloader.jar
2009-07-20 07:22:41:Update file: /JDownloader.jar
2009-07-20 07:23:06:Downloadsource: http://update0.jdownloader.org/bin/J...=1248088961297
Error. Retry
Downloadsource: http://update4ex.jdownloader.org/JDo...=1248088963668
Error. Retry
Downloadsource: http://update2.jdownloader.org/bin/J...=1248088965883
Error. Updateserver down
Downloadsource: http://update2.jdownloader.org/bin/J...=1248088967818
Error. Retry
Downloadsource: http://update0.jdownloader.org/bin/J...=1248088969487
Error. Retry
Downloadsource: http://update4ex.jdownloader.org/JDo...=1248088974900
Error. Updateserver down
Downloadsource: http://update2.jdownloader.org/bin/J...=1248088977459
Error. Retry
Downloadsource: http://update0.jdownloader.org/bin/J...=1248088979331
Error. Retry
Downloadsource: http://update4ex.jdownloader.org/JDo...=1248088983761
Error. Updateserver down

2009-07-20 07:23:06:Failed

I was able to update many other files before this, however this one won't update, which then doesn't allow me to start the program.
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