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Cool Google Goggles cracks reCaptcha

The captcha-system (reCaptcha) which Google uses, has once again been solved at the thirteenth of July 2011. This time there are no special engines, which solve the process but Google itself.

Found solution by Krez´
As I looked on my Google Mobile application for my iPhone I found myself to be surprised by the quite precise recognition of images, this application includes. With a simple tool (whireshark) I was able to sniff the network-communication of my iPhone to get an extended view of the process of the datatransfer. I was surprised that this App was using an HTTP-protocol, which also made my work easier. One could recognize at first sight that it was a POST request. This made it easy to get the URL, to which the datas where broadcasted to: http://www.google.com/goggles/contai...BB050041C4C56C. The parametric "cssid" value changes with every new session. The header "Content-Type: application/x-protobuffer" is not only very reasonable but also represents the Google Protocol Buffer. Given that the POST data seemed extrinsic to me, I searched for an API-cutting site and found one. My predecessor has once been concerned with this issue and has even allocated an inofficial cutting site (thanks to Fadi Hassan). I have converted this cutting site for Delphi. After that I took a close look at the POST-response structure and could now comprehend it. The result was a readable text, which was supposed to be on an imagine, that has been sended back to me. I could now easily filter and emit the text.
The next step was to crack the reCaptcha.

If you send the captcha in this very form, it will not be accepted, for a certain largeness has to be achieved and sometimes images are only interpreted as logos (which has happened in my case, but it could be possible that the API was not correct, anyway it was enough for me). I just created an image as a pattern, with a simple text on it and a Captcha in the middle of that image (so the Google Service interpretes it as a text). I was quite excited while dispatching it and voilá, google could interpret a part of the text correctly. On my 10th attempt the correctly interpreted amount of captcha-text was about 93,75 per cent.

All this I have automated under http://www.google.com/recaptcha/demo/ to select the correct captchas. The amount of correct captures astonished me.

Sample Preview: rutube.ru/tracks/4634449.html

Source (Delphi) + Demo App: **External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**

By the way, it is a bit strange, that there is no limit. This seems to be because of its special dimensioning to mobile phone users, so there is no IP-limit.

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over 90% of success rate..! Wow, I wanna try this one
Old 17.07.2011, 12:33
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im sure it wont last very long
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How can I use this one with JDownloader? Can you please post "jacinfo.xml" to use with JDownloader?


Exactly sir, but I'd like to run it with JDownloader, even for couple of days..!
Old 20.07.2011, 17:22
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Sorry we have NO TIME to work on that.
JD does work with external methods so you guys can do it.

GreeZ pspzockerscene *closed*

P.S It won't last long...
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That's true James
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