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Old 15.09.2018, 17:27
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A virus in JD2 ???


**External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**

Just when i close JD2, that message appear ?!
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Old 17.09.2018, 10:17
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JDownloader writes html source to logs in case there has been issues during download and that's the case here.
Logs are flushed when buffer is full or when you close JDownloader.
Your AV finds *bad html* in this log/text file and reports it.

You can either put JDownloader on exclude list or just the logs folder (just text files).
JD-Dev & Server-Admin
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Old 23.12.2018, 18:00
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Love JD2 my.jdownloader remote access

I'm on a Xmas trip and set up my Linux JD2 thru my.jdownloader (web plugin) and tested it before I left. I didn't test it completely before I left as I discovered that the add links pop-up dialog box is too tall for my laptop screen, resulting the bottom being clipped (can't see the Continue button). I thought I was going to have to download via the laptop's installed version of JD2.

But, I discovered that when I right-click on the selected text, I see an option to send the link to JD2 to let it do the downloading. I thought that it meant to the running local JD2. Instead, I discovered that it sent the link to the remote JD2. Perfect, as that got around the pop-up bug (separately reported).

Needless to say I am very impressed with the my.jdownloader application. Two thumbs up to the developers. I'd do more thumbs up, but I only have the two.

Thanks for the app, it has been a great help while I am away from home.

Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year.

[Oops! This belongs in the separate myJD2 feedback page.]

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