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Old 23.01.2010, 06:43
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Default Problem with Decrypter!

Hello there guys!
I have been trying with 3 different .DLC files, I tried to download 3 different full Movies from the internet (I have downloaded more than 20 now, and it works if I Copy the links and add them for download), but It doesn't work if I add the DLC container...

What I do is this:

Click on the Add Container (or whatever is called, i'm Argentinian, i'm using it in Spanish).
Then I click on the file I want to open.

Then it's like it's trying to decompile it, and there's the same error for every DLC I put...

I would love to see an answer, because I can't download any files with opening DLC :(

Here's the log (In this case, I wanted to open Rosemary´s Babys Links, It's an old movie lol :D!)

------------------------ Thread: 17 -----------------------
17 23/01/10 1:36:11 - INFO [java_downloader] -> load Container: C:\Documents and Settings\tom\Escritorio\RoseMary.MU.dlc
17 23/01/10 1:36:11 - INFO [java_downloader] -> Init Container
17 23/01/10 1:36:11 - INFO [java_downloader] -> DO STEP
17 23/01/10 1:36:11 - FINER [java_downloader] -> Call http://service.jdownloader.org/dlcrypt/service.php
EXCEPTION 17 23/01/10 1:36:16 - SEVERE [java_downloader] -> Exception occured
java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: 16
at java.lang.String.substring(Unknown Source)
at jd.plugins.a.D.dsk(Unknown Source)
at jd.plugins.a.D.callDecryption(Unknown Source)
at jd.plugins.PluginsC.doDecryption(Unknown Source)
at jd.plugins.PluginsC.initContainer(Unknown Source)
at jd.plugins.PluginsC.initContainer(Unknown Source)
at jd.controlling.JDController$2.run(Unknown Source)
17 23/01/10 1:36:16 - INFO [java_downloader] -> container/3bea09d2ddc9c0ca7aba75b252e76fd2.dlc Parse
17 23/01/10 1:36:16 - FINER [java_downloader] -> Checking for available updates
17 23/01/10 1:36:19 - SEVERE [java_downloader] -> Container Decryption failed (1)
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Old 23.01.2010, 11:27
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Can you send/PM one of the dlc files?
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Old 23.01.2010, 14:23
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We need these dlc files to test.
Probably they're broken!

GreeZ pspzockerscene
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That's true James
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Old 23.01.2010, 22:52
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Here are the DLC files, I attached them.

DVD648 is the movie American Me.
RoseMary is Rosermary's Baby movie
and The Lost Boys is Kiefer Suttherland's movie "The Lost Boys".

When I open them It throws that error :(

If they aren't broke/old, how can I see the links?
Attached Files
File Type: dlc RoseMary.MU.dlc (31.6 KB, 350 views)
File Type: dlc dvd648.dlc (15.5 KB, 328 views)
File Type: dlc TheLostBoysxcristobitalMU.dlc (15.4 KB, 357 views)
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Old 24.01.2010, 13:52
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I've tried to open the first dlc, but I see no links. :(
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Old 30.01.2010, 08:45
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I've got the same problem, but not every container fails to load (i found one working)

all containers I tried are downloaded from protector.to

both attatched dlcs shoud contain the same files (different hosters), but only the one with RS-links works. (even though they're both downloaded from protector.to)

greez Undeath
Attached Files
File Type: dlc working.dlc (36.5 KB, 336 views)
File Type: dlc not_working.dlc (13.1 KB, 344 views)
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Old 31.01.2010, 03:54
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@ undeath:
Is it possible that not_working.dlc is incomplete? Did you try re-downloading it?
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Old 31.01.2010, 08:42
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redownloaded the file about 5 times, everytime the same size (and the other non-working container have the same size, too)
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