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Old 20.05.2013, 13:03
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Default Search the error!


As free user with certain most popular hosters simply by deleting a cookie in my browser it's possible to download simultaneously as many files as i want and to bypass the waiting time between each files. Please why what a simple browser can JD can't make the same!!! Why with my browser i need 3 hours to download a file when i need a week with JD??? Thanks for your response.
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Old 20.05.2013, 21:15
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Not sure who told you it was possible but nearly all hosters I know use IP session and or accounts (ie. you login).

Don't believe this is the case for the following reasons.

a) hosters generally use IP session vs cookies as you can remove them to avoid session limits. IP session can only be avoided by reconnecting and getting a new IP or using multiple WANS (IPs) or via proxy rotation using multiple proxies.
b) JD free download always starts with fresh browser, no cookie sessions are preserved. So under your theory it would be possible to download all the time, bypassing any restriction. We handle wait events based on html returned.
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Old 20.05.2013, 23:09
rrogntudjű rrogntudjű is offline
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I just talk about hosters which use only cookies, not IP of course. By pm i sent you links as example and as you can see it is a very popular hoster, with my poor connection 3 hours to download all parts you can try. Now can you explain to me how with JD i can make the same please?

Edit: as a specific download tool, the same or better if it's possible... after this funny revelation maybe you could make something, like to implement a function between each file (except for captcha as usual) JD can make the right thing by itself... as me with my browser!! and not only for this hoster, a general method that JD can preserve its reputation, once again!

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Old 02.06.2013, 07:31
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Works fine thanks
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