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Old 15.05.2009, 13:05
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Exclamation GUI problems under Windows 7 RC

Both 0.4.936 and beta 0.5.547 display similar GUI problems under Windows 7 RC. The display window flickers, missing lines, etc.

I use the latest JRE version (6_13) and also tried turning the d3d switch (Dsun.java2d.d3d) off, but it didn't help.

I'm not sure if it's something with Windows 7, my display diver (nVidia inboard chipset) or something else.

By the way, I had no problems under Windows Vista.

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Old 15.05.2009, 13:36
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I also have some GUI problems in Windows 7 RC:
- I'm unable to expand the packages in Downloadlist window like in this image... its working in LinkGrabber but not in the download window, so all I get are the names of the packages
- there are no timer messages as far as I can see, I just get a progress bar and the number of complete/total active packages... I can't really tell if it waits for a timer or if it failed... but that's only until the download starts, after that I get the ETA and the rest, but since I can't see the expanded elements of each package, it's a bit hard

Edit: nevermind... it's not the line that activates expansion, it's just the folder icon of each package. So no problem here on Win 7.

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Old 15.05.2009, 15:11
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We can't change this.
As far as i know, Java isn't fully supported by indows or whatever, that are just problems with win7+java!
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Old 16.05.2009, 00:16
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I'm also using Windows 7 RC (build 7100), i don't have those GUI problems at all, both, the Final and the Beta of JDLer work fine (except the Mediafire thing, but thats off-topic)

so its definitley NOT JDLer's fault
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Old 16.05.2009, 01:41
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try to deinstall all java version and install the latest again
also try java without direct3d (use search in forum)
also try reinstalling graphics driver

not a jd problem!
JD-Dev & Server-Admin
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