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Old 13.09.2021, 15:13
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Please wait until Jiaz finds time to answer.

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A users' JD crashes and the first thing to ask is:
Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Do you have Nero installed?
That's true James
Originally Posted by James
Die Leute verstehen einfach nicht dass nur weil man mit einer Waffe auch auf Menschen schießen kann dass ein Schützenver​ein kein Ort für Amoklaufide​en ist
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Old 17.09.2021, 18:46
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OK, thanks for the reply!

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Old 17.09.2021, 19:28
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I think this is an unlikely situation. If it's part of a split archive, the common sense would suggest copy all of them at once. But even if it happens one by one, why on Earth would anybody disable some parts before getting all of them?
It's not about *why ..would anybody disable...*.
There are many examples. Like someone wants to auto disable links via Packagizer rules and
enable them later. Or disable mirror links and prefer hoster XY.

That being said, a simple option to control whether the user wants to merge the new links with existing but disabled links would suffice.
Of course I can spend time working on such an option, but it will only take very short time before you will realize the negative side effects on this. Like no longer proper working on packaging in case links are disabled by plugins/packagizer rules/scripts. But as optional feature, sure, why not? But I think the cause is about the recent changes done in sorting, see below

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by filtered package here..
correct, I mean the quick filters on the right side. for example you disable hoster xy because you don't need it right now.
a package is filtered when no visible link with current set of quickfilters.
a package is hidden when no matching link for current search condition

I don't think I've seen this behaviour before, and I'm using jDownloader for quite some time now.
There has been no changes at all about this logic. I checked all changes in 2021 and none that affect the packaging.
JDownloader tries to find best matching packages for the link. It does this via meta information given by plugins and also custmized Packagizer rules can alter the outcome/what package the link is placed in.

The only major change between 2018 and 2021 was fixed support for package/links sorting in list.
Maybe it's not caused by the discussed packaging but due to some sort of sorting issue.
This would also match your comment about
"The new links was NOT put into disabled/hidden packages, the new links put into a completely new package, there was no matching disabled/hidden package. I'm sure because the packages names contain date information."

So let's try to check if the sorting is the cause.
I don't need logs because they don't contain (yet) any information about sorting/packaging. But I can add debug infos for this.
Do you use rightclick context menu and sort package content?
do you click on column header to sort the view?
do you rightclick on column header for sorting?
JD-Dev & Server-Admin
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Old 03.10.2021, 03:27
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Hi Jiaz,

Thanks for the detailed answer!

The usual setup

I might have some disabled packages in the LinkGrabber view.

I'm always doing link grabbing in a non-sorted view, using the natural order (new packages appended at the end of the queue).

If the packager finds a good candidate package, merges into it instead of appending. That's expected.

I have disabled hosts on the right-hand side host list.

I don't have any other packaging rules.

So, without any other packaging rules, I think there should be only two options:
- either append to the end of the LinkGrabber queue
- or merge with an existing package

The cases I've outlined when started this thread, do not fall into these categories: the new packages sometimes inserted before the first active package for no apparent reason.
Neither disabled nor hidden entries merged into it, not even similar entries near them.

It simply doesn't make sense, IMHO.

Thanks in advance,
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Old 03.10.2021, 20:51
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And it happened again.

After dozens of packages appended to the end of linkgrabber queue, suddenly, jDownloader started to prepend new packages at the top, without noticeable reasons.
No sorting, nothing changed. I've checked hidden packages, nothing even remotely similar package found.

After restarting jDownloader, the issue's gone.

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