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Old 27.08.2019, 06:23
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Default Force Download Start behavior


Not sure whether this has been reported before but it does not seem like a proper way to deal with it.

The issue:

On 25+ downloads list 20 downloads were started as usual plus JD allows start 5 more using "Force Download Start", so 25 downloads are running in total.

Now if you stop download that was started normally and you have 5 Forced downloads running you can't start it back until total number of downloads goes below 20, Force option does not allow start more than 5 additional downloads.

So when there's 5 Forced downloads running hard limit of downloads becomes 15+5 instead of 20+5.

Not sure if it's bug or desired behavior.

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Old 27.08.2019, 15:51
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There are two *running* modes.
1.) No downloads are running -> you start via start button -> normal mode -> JDownloader will download as much as possible
2.) No downloads are running -> you rightclick and start/enforce downloads -> forced only mode -> JDownloader will ONLY download the selected/enforced links. Nothing more
2.1.) you can hit the start button again to switch back to normal mode
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Old 28.08.2019, 00:25
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The point is that you can start 5 more downloads tin addition to 20 normal downloads limit using force download start option.

Whether it's intended behavior or not I don't know, but once you have 25 downloads running behavior becomes inconsistent.
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Old 28.08.2019, 00:32
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desired outcome with force download. you can control the total advanced slots use in advanced settings > GeneralSettings.maxforceddownloads.
best bet is to not use force download, let JD control which gets downloaded in sequence. If you want something started sooner use priorities or move the items to the top of the download list (top to bottom progression). and if you want something NOW use force download.
raztoki @ jDownloader reporter/developer

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