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Old 17.02.2011, 23:50
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Default would it be possible to parse links from same level in forum?

Hi. I sometimes have to download lots of stuff from forums and as you know files are distributed in lots of pages in a same thread.

would it be possible to have the links from all the pages of a thread?


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Old 18.02.2011, 10:48
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setup your thread to have a posts listed in one page, then just copy the html source of that page.
without browser addon it will be a lot of work to add such feature as every board works differently and so on
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Old 20.02.2011, 05:42
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@ Jiaz,

I think you have the context backwards. People post a message a day or a message a week and links appear in each message (not like TV series).

Does FlashGot All work on Child Pages?

@ elvis1,

Sometimes you cab use Add Links in the LinkGrabber. You click on Add Links and then copy and paste the URL of each page. LinkGrabber will say it cannot find anything to download and ask permission to search a level deeper (which is what you want).

In the current version (9581), this will not work if the entire URL of the link is not displayed (live links are often abbreviated). In the next major version (or Nightly Test), this should be able to read the abbreviated links as well.

If you do this, you will have a lot of junk to remove in your LinkGrabber. You can set up a LinkGrabber filter to remove most of the junk. Edit this example to leave or remove what you want:
#ignore these extensions

#eliminate most thumbnails

# ignore imdb.com and similar sites

#ignore these image sites also
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Old 20.02.2011, 13:09
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I'm curious about the outcome of this because I understand elvis1's requirement exactly the same way as Jiaz does.
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Old 21.02.2011, 16:31
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drbits : many thanks for such useful code

thx guys.

This is what I would like to ask .

For example :

**External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**0tfileserve.com/conan-2010-11-18-jesse-eisenberg-hdtv-xvid-fqm-221025/

0 should be replace by o. I am not spamming , just trying to make myself clear as possible.

In such example I would like to grab all content from the multiple posts without having to copy and paste each :

**External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**0tfileserve.com/conan-2010-11-18-jesse-eisenberg-hdtv-xvid-fqm-221025-2/
**External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**0tfileserve.com/conan-2010-11-18-jesse-eisenberg-hdtv-xvid-fqm-221025-3/

please notice that ive bolded that number changes when passing of page.

Ive seen some commercial software that intends to grab such urls ( from threads )and export them into txt, csv , etc.

thanks again

edit: found something useful: you guys make reference to this?

**External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**

Any chance of having it added to JD?

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Old 21.02.2011, 16:39
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Old 22.02.2011, 11:26
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This is not about protecting links.


I understood your request, just as Jiaz did.

If the board doesn't have a feature "Show All Posts in a thread on a single page", then you can take the URIs of the first and the last page of the thread.
If you can program then you could write a small script generating all the URIs for the in-between pages.
If you can't program you could simply do that in a spreadsheet program with the increment and concatenate functions.
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Old 13.02.2013, 13:38
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Sorry to dreg up an old thread here but I just wanted to voice my support for this feature too. At the moment I use excel to generate URLs and then paste all the URLs into the Add Links. Would be great if JD took care of this for me.

Seen as all forums are different I'm wondering if you could have forum plugins just like hosters? I understand that it's probably more effort than it's worth though.
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