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Old 06.07.2015, 18:50
mOrfiUs mOrfiUs is offline
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Thumbs down Megacrypter (Encrypterme.ga) out of date after 3 days

Encrypterme.ga its a Megacrypter clone. Plugin was fine until a few days ago. Grabber works right, but when it starts to download, fails.

This is a sample link

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and this is the log

------------------------Thread: 88:jd.controlling.downloadcontroller.DownloadWatchDog.log-----------------------
--ID:88TS:1436200719893-6/07/15 18:38:39 - [jd.controlling.downloadcontroller.DownloadWatchDog(attach)] -> Start new Download: Host:DownloadCandidate:PT101.part1.rar@megacrypter|Host megacrypter|Account:Plugin:megacrypter|Version:30871|Type:NONE|Account:null|Proxy:Directo
------------------------Thread: 94:jd.controlling.downloadcontroller.DownloadWatchDog.log-----------------------
--ID:94TS:1436200719905-6/07/15 18:38:39 - [jd.controlling.downloadcontroller.DownloadWatchDog$25(run)] -> Download To: E:\downloads\PT101\PT101.part1.rar
------------------------Thread: 88:jd.controlling.downloadcontroller.DownloadWatchDog.log-----------------------
--ID:88TS:1436200720630-6/07/15 18:38:40 - [jd.controlling.downloadcontroller.DownloadWatchDog(setFinalLinkStatus)] -> DownloadCandidate:PT101.part1.rar@megacrypter|Host megacrypter|Account:Plugin:megacrypter|Version:30871|Type:NONE|Account:null|Proxy:Directo->PLUGIN_DEFECT
--ID:88TS:1436200720650-6/07/15 18:38:40 - [jd.controlling.downloadcontroller.DownloadWatchDog(setFinalLinkStatus)] -> DownloadCandidate:PT101.part1.rar@megacrypter|Host megacrypter|Account:Plugin:megacrypter|Version:30871|Type:NONE|Account:null|Proxy:Directo->PLUGIN_DEFECT
--ID:88TS:1436200720681-6/07/15 18:38:40 - [jd.controlling.downloadcontroller.DownloadWatchDog$33(run)] -> Wait at least 5000 for new ActivationRequests
--ID:88TS:1436200721931-6/07/15 18:38:41 - [jd.controlling.downloadcontroller.DownloadWatchDog$33(run)] -> Wait at least 3750 for new ActivationRequests
--ID:88TS:1436200723181-6/07/15 18:38:43 - [jd.controlling.downloadcontroller.DownloadWatchDog$33(run)] -> Wait at least 2500 for new ActivationRequests
--ID:88TS:1436200724431-6/07/15 18:38:44 - [jd.controlling.downloadcontroller.DownloadWatchDog$33(run)] -> Wait at least 1250 for new ActivationRequests
--ID:88TS:1436200725681-6/07/15 18:38:45 - [jd.controlling.downloadcontroller.DownloadWatchDog$33(run)] -> Wait at least 0 for new ActivationRequests
--ID:88TS:1436200726931-6/07/15 18:38:46 - [jd.controlling.downloadcontroller.DownloadWatchDog$33(run)] -> Wait at least 0 for new ActivationRequests
--ID:88TS:1436200726931-6/07/15 18:38:46 - [jd.controlling.downloadcontroller.DownloadWatchDog$33(run)] -> Waited 6250 but no new ActivationRequests are available->Stop DownloadWatchDog
--ID:88TS:1436200726932-6/07/15 18:38:46 - [jd.controlling.downloadcontroller.DownloadWatchDog$33(run)] -> DownloadWatchDog: stopping
--ID:88TS:1436200726933-6/07/15 18:38:46 - [jd.controlling.downloadcontroller.DownloadWatchDog$33(run)] -> DownloadWatchDog: stopped

Thanks in advance.
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Old 06.07.2015, 19:00
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thanks for report

This is what happens when you nuke generic template without proper testing o_O
raztoki @ jDownloader reporter/developer

Don't fight the system, use it to your advantage. :]
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Old 06.07.2015, 19:03
mOrfiUs mOrfiUs is offline
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Thanks a lot!
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