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Old 08.02.2011, 16:38
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Default JD eats up Internet bandwidth

There are times when it is impossible to load any other webpage when JD is working. It is as if it is swallowing all the available width, even if one has 2-3 parallel active downloads.

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Old 08.02.2011, 20:40
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Yes it does. I can load pages, but if someone else is gaming they will begin to lag. LOL.
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Old 09.02.2011, 02:05
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even if one has 2-3 parallel active downloads.
The more downloads, the better all the bandwidth is eaten up.

Try out speed limit at down right corner of main window. 0=no limit.
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Old 09.02.2011, 03:42
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JD is designed to download as quickly as the Host(s) will allow. That is the reason for the Maximum Speed setting in the lower right corner of the window.

You can find out the approximate capacity of your download connection by running a test on speedtest.com (or a similar site). Make sure there are no other programs using the network and that there is plenty of CPU capacity available. The data is reported in Mega-bits/second. To convert to the Kilo-Bytes/second used throughout JDownloader, multiply by 128.

To allow a browser to run quickly at the same time, set your Maximum Speed to about 80% of your download capacity in Kilo-Bytes/second (KiB/s).

You can also limit your Maximum Downloads to 2 and your Maximum Connections to 1.

If you set the Slow (Pause) button to the 80% speed, then you can use full speed most of the time and change to 80% when using the network for other things. The Slow button is second from the left in the toolbar.

To set the Slow button speed, use Settings -> Download & Connections -> Download Control - Speed of pause mode in KiB/s
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Old 09.02.2011, 16:36
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Thank you, Drbits.
I really appreciate your help, but -stupid me- it is very difficult for me to grab it...
Thanks anyway!
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Old 10.02.2011, 04:14
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Try one by one.
How big is your bandwidth? If it is 1 Mbit/s, that is 128 KBytes/s, so set the speed limit to 100 or lower.
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