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Old 20.01.2011, 19:27
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Default Veoh.com Plugin update stuck

I just opened jdownloader a few minutes ago and it already said that there is an update and that it has to restart. Well it's been a few minutes now and nothing happens. I tried to open it manually again...nothing...I even restarted the computer. No go. It's become a piece of rubbish on my disk.

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Old 20.01.2011, 19:46
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Like it hasn't been before? Pff.

Moderator note: That is not helpful. Please try not to waste developer time like this.

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Old 20.01.2011, 20:08
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Default Veoh.com Plugin update stuck

It seems like the server hosting the plugin update for Veoh.com is busy or just not working because when i update JDownloader manually is always gets stuck at that particular plugin and only that plugin... The following appears repeatedly when that happens...

Downloadsource: http://update1.jdownloader.org/branc...=1295550252431
http://update1.jdownloader.org/branches/last09/ (-1%) requesttimeAVG=450
Hash Failed
Error. Retry
Server Busy. Wait 15 Seconds

Hope there'll be a solution soon... JDownloader seems to be broken at the moment and all downloads are stuck at connecting.... whether or not thats connected with the above problem i'm not sure....
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Old 20.01.2011, 20:13
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The same over here. Trying to update stalls at the veoh plugin. After a long waiting period it continued (with the progress bar now colored red) and at the end it reported "4 errors while updating, continue anyway?" or something like that.
I continued anyway, program seems to work.
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Old 20.01.2011, 20:14
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hmm, I can confirm this. I did update my JDownloader as well, as the updater became really annoying. I start JD from Console(Debian Squeeze/KDE4). It hangs when loading syntheticaWhiteVision.jar . I removed that file to trigger an error(sry, logging disabled :-().
after that it hangs with substance.jar, which is just before synthWhiteV, so I guess the error is after that.

The updater fails with no error, it just hangs at "starting..."
Trying to restore fails just the same way.
I also noted that the update-servers that the update.jar prints on stdout all send 404 (Not Found) when entered in my browser.
Overwriting the JDownloader Folder with a fresh copy from zip does not fix that problem.

I also did download a fresh copy and installed that separately, it won´t start either
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Old 20.01.2011, 20:17
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The same effect appears at my computer, when the automatically started update runs on my JD. But when you wait long enough (2 to 3 minutes or so), the next update in the list arrives and you can reach the point, where JD asks, if you want to install the updates. But after it does so and the window opens again, the automatic update starts again and tries to load the VeohCom-Plugin, what is not possible in the moment.

There is also the ZippyShareCom-Plugin, which causes a long wait time in the update process (same like explained above).
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Old 20.01.2011, 20:29
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hi, I do have a little update.

Please DO NOT MOCK ME ABOUT WORKING AS ROOT! I do know what I am doing here, and this is just fine. Point.

It seems that this is a networking error with some of your servers.
I just got another copy, and decided to let it be running for some minutes.
After about 5 Minutes the Socket in question received a timeout. After that, INIT continued. See this log:

10 20.01.11 20:20:24 - FINER [jd.JDClassLoader(<init>)] -> Look and Feel JAR loaded: /root/JDownloader/libs/laf/synthetica.jar
10 20.01.11 20:23:33 - SEVERE [jd.controlling.JDLogger(exception)] -> SEVERE Exception occurred
java.lang.RuntimeException: Unexpected IOException while starting JUnique/Server for id "jd.Main"
        at it.sauronsoftware.junique.Server.start(Server.java:120)
        at it.sauronsoftware.junique.JUnique.acquireLock(JUnique.java:149)
        at jd.Main.main(Unknown Source)
Caused by: java.net.BindException: Cannot assign requested address
        at java.net.PlainSocketImpl.socketBind(Native Method)
        at java.net.PlainSocketImpl.bind(PlainSocketImpl.java:365)
        at java.net.ServerSocket.bind(ServerSocket.java:319)
        at java.net.ServerSocket.bind(ServerSocket.java:277)
        at it.sauronsoftware.junique.Server.start(Server.java:110)
        ... 2 more
10 20.01.11 20:23:33 - SEVERE [jd.Main(main)] -> Instance Handling not possible!
10 20.01.11 20:23:33 - FINER [jd.config.DatabaseConnector(<init>)] -> Loading database
10 20.01.11 20:23:34 - INFO [jd.Main(main)] -> init Splash
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Old 20.01.2011, 20:50
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Default Reported to developers

Wait for update!

Further messages will not help.
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Old 20.01.2011, 20:51
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close jd and all java processes and start jdupdate.jar
also make sure that localhost is in your /etc/hosts

the error you get is a local network error
JD-Dev & Server-Admin
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Old 21.01.2011, 04:31
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Default Update Error Loop

After updated to Version .9.581 today (Jan 20)

It give me :
Errors pccoured!
There were 4(sometime 2) error(s) while updating.Do you want to update anyway?

JD will restart after I clcik "OK" button, and then JD will find 2 new update...
This Loop then repeat again and again and again............

So I get a new install and try it again, get the same result.
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Old 21.01.2011, 05:40
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I believe another thread says this is a bug, and they'll work on it.

It'd be nice if there was some way to turn the update off meanwhile?

Another plea, PLEASE turn off the update until you fix it?

It's really screwing up jDownloader!

If you knew there was another thread you should have used it. You also posted one message after another (double posting).

This earns you an official warning.

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Old 21.01.2011, 06:18
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You can try adding -rfu to the JDownloader start line temporarily to see if that turns off update.

Thus, you would
cd <jdownloader directory>
java -Xmx512m -jar JDownloader.jar -rfu

This is only to be used until the build is repaired. You must use the Check for updates icon at least once a day to see if there is a new build.
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