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Default "Lost Connection"

Ever since the new interface(s) (the current one and the previous) of JDownloader have been introduced, along with the relevant version leaps, I'm getting seizures from having loads of unfinished business should I get some rapidshare.com files queued and go afk. (But hey, wasn't JDownloader intended for continuous, hassle-free downloading anyway?)

I have Rapidshare premium and I really am scared to leave JD alone, because it will highly likely fill my HDD up with meaningless unfinished chunks of files while I'm away.

It just randomly pops the "lost connection rapidshare.com" error sometime and naturally moves onto the next file as it counts down for the problematic one.

The problem is that rapidshare is not down at those times(I can finish whole download by direct-dl'ing via an ordinary download manager), it's just JD that loses it.

Any others having such problem ? Any hope it could be overcome? (Oh just as I finished that sentence the error popped up again)

I have the latest JD which is 0.8.324 as I type this post.

Please help with this utterly annoying and comparably harmful (as it fills your HDD up) problem.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. Still my gratitude to the coders of this great tool so far.

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Old 15.09.2009, 12:18
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Please, provide info about your OS version, JRE (java) version, and firewall.

Did you allow javaw.exe, java.exe and jdownloader.exe in your firewall?
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I'm running Windows XP SP3, Java Version 6 Update 15 and no firewalls (I simply hate them and know where I'm stepping which makes a firewall obsolete).

Adjusting it to divide a file into 16 chunks could be causing it ? Or what else may be ?
Old 15.09.2009, 18:32
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Solved by decreasing Max. Conn. number to 4.

Note down:

Thinking JDownloader like e.g. Internet Download Manager and adjusting it to make 16 connections is a mistake. If you go overboard, you'll get the mentioned error here repeatedly.
Old 16.09.2009, 00:38
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too many chunks is never good and can cause problems
i personally never use more than 2.
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So, I guess, the max. connections setting must have a limit so as to prevent such problems. Restraining the program or setting a tooltip to warn users should they want to set it overboard could be feasible, no?

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