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Old 20.01.2014, 20:41
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Default How to use and make work Proxies in jDownloader 2 correct way ?

How to use and make work Proxies in jDownloader 2 correct way ?

i mean what exact setting do we need to make in JD2
for downloads to work with proxies

1) I've a External Batch Reconnect set in Reconnect method
Interpreter is cmd/c

Batch Script

rasdial "ZTE Wireless Terminal" /disconnect
ping www.google.de -n 8
rasdial "ZTE Wireless Terminal" **********@AA****.1W ********

2) In Connection Manager I've added few HTTP proxies from hidemyass site
just to test out.

Default Connection is set to Direct

What should i set it to as . Should i leave it just like that as Direct.
or should i change it from dropdown list.

and i tried playing with that small wheeled gear at the extreme right that says
something regarding - Native authentication.

Also when i click Automatic Proxy detection - it displays message
Found 0 proxies

Please guide , as to How to set this proxy things up all correctly , or if possible someone please make a demo tutorial incase( as an example using some working proxy), so that may also help other users.

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Old 22.01.2014, 12:51
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bumping this thread !

Can somebody please really help me regarding setting up with proxies

There is no tutorial i can find over for JD2

i really need it. as my ISP has blocked some normal filehosts here

also please tell whether Public proxies are any good for jdownloader2

and if not where can one find such proxies that can go with jdownloader2.

i've VPN but problem with that is it gives handful of IPs. and i can't again and again
disconnect and reconnect to it manually.

so, How can i circumvent this silly filehosts block by my ISP.

simply Please help !
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Old 30.08.2020, 12:31
guest1 guest1 is offline
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sure, it's kind of a long process.

so normally a free proxy would come in this format

to import a list of proxies for example, would look something like this

with jdown however, you have to change the format a little, by adding a little bit of letters, characters before each address to look something like this

http: //
https: //

remove the space after the : for the http's



basically they want you to include the type of proxy it is (which will either be http, https, socks4 or socks5) you can google hidemyname proxy checker to check , it would look like this

usually they will say on the free proxy site itself, what type of proxy it is. Just type in free proxy list in google, many sites will come up, or "Top proxy lists".

so once you have a list, you checked it working with a proxy checker, I use notepad++ and I use the find and replace and I want to include https: // remove the space affter the :, at the beginning of each new line, you could see above the http,ssl that means https.

go to jdown, settings, connection manager, click import

paste the adresses, then ok. then I individually change the proxy type from http to whatever it actually is, by looking at the proxy checker. Then, for it to work, you have to uncheck that tick by no proxy at the top. and you should be good to go.

In my opinion jdown should auto deteck the proxy type as many proxy checkers do, and possible add a ping checker one time, would be much easier to import in the regular format.

I'm replying to this thread after searching thoroughly on google, and no one seemed to have a clear process.

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Old 26.08.2021, 15:11
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thx, very helpfull
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Old 13.10.2023, 15:02
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hello, how do i use/convert theses adress trough Jd2 when i copy past from sites ? please

i scrach my head

txs in advance
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