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Arrow Rules: General Discussion

General discussion is the forum for you to discuss anything related to JDownloader or this website. This is not the forum for specific problems with JDownloader (see the Rules in General Bug Report), but this is where you find tutorials and helpful information.

Rules for all English Language Forums

1) You must be courteous to all users and staff on this website. Remember that our users come from many countries and may have trouble communicating in English or may have different ideas of appropriate behaviour.

1a) If you use a translator, please post both the translated message and your original message.

2) Before posting a question or comment search the forum for a topic about that subject. Most of the time your question is already answered. Posting into existing threads usually results in faster responses.

3) Do not "bump" a thread (post another message to move your thread to the top of the list) unless you have been waiting at least 72 hours.

4) All registered users are encouraged to participate in the discussions or answer questions.
4a) If you do not understand a question or answer, ask questions.
4b) If you post a response to a message that is not the last in the thread, address it to the user. For example, start a line with "@ username," You may respond to multiple users in a single message this way.

5) Avoid arguing. It is better to add more information or provide references. Emotional arguments or insults (flaming) are not acceptable.

6) Do not post private information anywhere in the forum. Anything you post in the forum is public and may be added to Google.

7) Do not advertise or answer advertisements in forum messages. Posting or answering spam is grounds for being banned from the forum.
7a) Any message sent to more than one forum is considered spam.
7b) If you post more than one message in a row (double posting), this is considered spam, unless the second message is at least 72 hours after the first message.
If you want to add information to a message, or you have an additional question that fits the topic, use the Edit button to add to the existing message. Separating posts with either a line (as above) or marking it as an
"Edit:" is usually a good idea.

8) This site uses software to filter out spam. However this software is not perfect. If you see what you think is spam or an unacceptable message, please notify the staff using the triangle at the beginning of the message. If you post a message, you might see a response that the message is being held for approval - this is also the spam filter.

9) To help protect user privacy, the display filter will only allow staff to see URLs that are outside jdownloader.org. After you post a message containing outside links, you will not be able to read the links. This is not a bug. However, do not rely on this filter, because some members have learned to get around it.

10) Please do not PM staff to ask questions. You will not always get an answer.

Host specific problems: Hoster Plugins Forum
Decrypter and web folder problems: Decrypter Plugins Forum
Reporting other problems: General Bugreport Forum
Reconnection or changing IP address questions: Reconect Forum
Requests for new features or plugins: Suggestions and Wishes Forum
Do not post problems in the General Discussion forum.

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