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Old 24.11.2009, 20:19
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Exclamation Rapidshare Password and User name stolen from JDownloader!?

First off i'd like to say a big thanks to all the people who have worked on this software, it rocks and has served me well for about a year now without a problem.

BUT today i recived an email from rapidshare telling me that my account has been used on 16 different ip addresses today and so they belive i have either shared the details or had them stolen from me!:confused:

Now, because i am so used to using jdownloader, and preffer the easy way it sorts out all the downloads, i have never even loged onto my rapidshare account since first buying it, so there is no way i've ever put my details into a phished site.

There are only two other ways my details could have been taken, first, is by someone hacking my email, but i change that password every month because of all my online banking stuff, and second, by someone hacking jdownloader!!!

This has got me really worried! Either someone has got in to my email, in which case i'm really f**ked, or this amasing program is not as reliable as i had always belived.

So i'm just wondering if any one else has experianced simular stuff or can maybe offer any help or advice?
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JD doesn't steal any accounts, if jd would do this, other users would already have reported it and jd wouldn't be used by so many people.

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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Do you have Nero installed?
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JD does not steal any accontinformation. you can check sourcecode! Do only use JDownloader versions we offer from OUR homepage. we cannot and will not guarantee that there are modified versions out there.
Also note that its not very wise to use RS Premium and JD's Reconnect feature at the same time, because RS will think your account is shared/hacked because of the many ips using it. the many ips would be you because of the reconnect (new ip every time)

so disable autoreconnect (in toolbar deactivate it) and change your accountpassword(long password like 12 chars or more) and activate security lock. also change your email password in case someone hacked that!

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Default rapidshare account

Well I am glad to have found this post.

I had the exact same thing happen to me today, although I have used jdownloader for awhile now.

Rapidshare sent to me: Based on your download logs, your Premium Account was shared with other people. This is not allowed.

It follows a list of all /16 networks having downloaded via your account today:

Now I didn't realize I had the 'reconnect' tab on even, but must have.

I have now disabled that as per post above.

Is that all I need to do to make sure my own ip address is being used? and not proxies.

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