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Old 02.09.2023, 08:34
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Arrow Fixes and improvements, this topic depend on the members for this to go forward.

#All my links can be viewed by users of the forum(remove XX for TT), I'm allowing it because without them nobody will understand anything or help, besides that it doesn't contain anything personal.
#This topic may be deleted after a while but let's discuss the issues.
#I hope the members comment if they are interested in the Devs applying the corrections/suggestions.
#For members, don't post help links, or paths to github, codes etc, we're talking about fixes and internal improvements in the program, the question here is to work on the car's engine and not on the seats or sound.
#And can you tell your experience if you had these problems too or are interested in the improvements, just try not to escape the scope of the questions.

*TicketSupport n.ºVSW-512-47082 ,passing my support to public.*

My interest here is to contribute to Jdownload2 by pointing out flaws or things you can improve on your system.
Your program has many things that I consider as bugs, production errors, things poorly done, poorly thought out, poorly developed, missing, etc.
I'm not trying to judge you, the program is amazing and free.

BUG_A: VideoLink : hXXps://mega.nz/file/qUN3HLxI#xivtdG36bNqPCd7UsuCc_mZsZ2YKc98df4N7unmZZrU
Yes it's a problem, it's something badly done, the open link is not the real link, you didn't add a button to take the user to a real download link.
I clicked on the image link and it should open the image link and not the home page link, and this happens with everything, it's a problem with the program.
Links are often obtained in bulk by tab eg: hXXps://mega.nz/file/XNUXUKxD#2WuFzYs7mmWi7ezeFSnaOrAf9f1_IT3buPZD2KSJsE0 , such as those on XVideosRed sites and among many others, I will not expand further on this issue, I think you understand the improvement that needs to be made.
The simple solution is to add a button that leads to the real link, which the user clicked on, the user clicked on the image, opened the image link, clicked on the video, opened the video link, I'll help you with an example image:
A simple SSLink solution--> hXXps://mega.nz/file/SUkAHI7Q#_lr8s1dBDdR9NdkFfen50aCHCyXlfExd-FnnEljTOSk

BUG_B: VideoLink : hXXps://mega.nz/file/KVtijBLY#BxUNYZuQ8LCgQt9fCmsObBKtRvt5aMYAr41mKIe10qQ
You don't need logs or premium account to scrape twitters, scrape a few twitters and you'll run into trouble in no time.
I don't understand why you always make difficult, you saw in the video the different errors in different twitters, it's not one or two, there are several, I also explained to you where the problem occurs.
I'll send you some links to bump into the problem, best log is for the dev to see the problem for himself, if it's so simple to replicate the problem, why don't you want to replicate? it doesn't take 10 minutes.
Scratch this twitter: hXXps://twitter.com/CoryChaseXXX
This was one of which I had more errors, which I am reporting.

BUG_C : hXXps://mega.nz/file/mdN0QbYY#vOpb9th8qU6g5xoSo8OFfG_cSb2bEQD5_B8ksmOoeI4
Your program creates imaginary virtual folders within it to relocate links that already exist in physical folders, this makes no sense.
You have a large user base that complains about this problem, maybe you think it's not a big deal, use X or Y , or program some code and do whatever you want your way.
But that's not my way, that's the heart of the program, that is, a basic function.
I'll give you an example:
Let's say you add 100 links from twitter, xvideos etc, then some time passes and you want to add the links again, the folder already exists physically and yet +100 virtual folders are created internally in the program with the same name, wrong way of thinking, do this only if the physical folder is not found.
I'm suggesting you something to improve and simplify for everyone, you have a large user base complaining about this issue.
Resolving it will get a lot less complaining users on the forum, unless you love wasting support time repeating the same thing a thousand times to several newcomers to the program.
And if this, for some reason internal to the codes, is complicated to solve, then I'll leave a solution:
A maybe possible solution --> hXXps://mega.nz/file/fZtVQART#LCWds3D8bBDUSd1zS8RgGJilv2MZSk099m_eeecMqPI

BUG_D : VideoLink : hXXps://mega.nz/file/7J8hVT6a#DKjrYNoSwNnEwCiR-2N8eo67HpRNSHEHdK-NlpC97YU
Windows has a limit of 257-260 characters, so some videos I try to download and the names are too long,
they hang at the end 94% 97% 98% etc, that is close to the moment of the conversion.
Yes, I know that in Windows 10 there was a new way to increase this limit, but then you either correct the problem or end support for all Windows below 10.
In addition, many users by default do not activate the character enhancement system in Windows 10, and Windows 7 and 8 do not have this possibility, it is not just the path I am talking about, but the file name.
So I'm going to suggest an improvement that will help solve 99% of this problem.
A simple solution --> hXXps://mega.nz/file/3MljBCKI#_NyAu8NN_hk1nNQjA2bx9c-CIWZ6O60IR8nO3MfUO-A

you forgot to put "Unknown error" because many failures I see do not make sense with what is said in the error message.
A simple solution --> hXXps://mega.nz/file/2BtSDboZ#bSIaagcMi-cM5Gz-AfVotgq2DM1k6kZ_gxOijU3WG_Q

BUG_F Crash (I don't know if there's a solution or not, but I'm reporting it.): hXXps://mega.nz/folder/uM1GFbgD#zFSwyjfB1hBE3sPMVZEhGA

Sorry to be honest, but better honest people than fake ones.
I'm a fan and user of your program for many years since the time of J1, what I can help to improve I will always report, I hope you can fix and improve these issues, thank you,and sorry if I sounded rude at some point, that's not the intention.

Full Report Folder Link : hXXps://mega.nz/folder/fQUDEKaJ#c6dFcQWQpdLynZvZAbmSwg

I received a rather senseless and discouraging response from the developer(pspzockerscene) for each point, so I think it's better to continue the topic with issues posted and reported publicly by me. This way, we can discuss the matters here with members too.
#I should point out that the dev has always been responding to all tickets quickly, and with respect, although I sound rude I'm not.
#The program is amazing and super old always with updates and improvements what matters is that there is someone watching over it even today, we are all in the same boat trying to help, each one has a different tone of helping.:thumbup:

I just want to briefly address the developer about some points in their responses, with my counter responses nicely summarized below:
Dev's private answers are with him, these are mine in relation to some commented points.

BUG_A: Opening a link that returns an image of a duck today and opening the link again a year from now to get an image of a bear is something common. Just like serial resets or link changes, it happens a lot, and that doesn't mean you should remove the option to open the actual link from where the video or image was downloaded. If it's not possible to generate a link for a certain type of file, just treat it as an error and do what the program already does today, which is opening the home page and not the clicked file's link.

BUG_B: The public link you sent me doesn't make sense. I sent you a private link, and yes, you should proceed to scrape it and, obviously, be logged into your JD account to test the bug I mentioned.

BUG_C: Yes, some people may like it while others may not, so it was a request for an ON/OFF button, let whoever wants to use it. But it's something that should be part of the program, not a separate code in some part of the forum or a separate program; this is very basic.

BUG_D: You sent me two links, neither of them resolved the issue, and they were not within the scope of the question. The question was about long characters.

BUG_E: Regarding the image (Coder Missing-UnknownError), in summary, I just commented that you should handle error messages better.
I'm not going to question your "fancy answers" because I don't want to appear rude with acid answers.

BUG_F: Regarding crashes below Windows 10, the logs are there. If dev Jiaz wants to take a look, I didn't generate them for no reason. In the end, if there's no resolution, it's better to declare that support below Windows 10 has ended.
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