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Old 25.08.2013, 19:47
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Default Which process im supposed to stop on task manager to restart jdownloader

Jdownloader freezed after adding an url:

**External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**

Trying to close from icon do not work.

On task manager the process i suppose is javaw.exe

but if im not wrong thats the whole java runtime itself (this is confusing for me, im not a programmer)

At the same time i have a running session of chrome i cannot stop for a long while.

So my question is, options:

1. There is another process that is jdownloader itself, so you tell me the name and i can restart jdownloader without stopping java.

2. javaw.exe is not java is jdownloader and stopping it wont bother any other java software running.

3. Actually u r screwed cause javaw.exe is both jdownloader process and java supporting runtime for any other program using java, including chrome.

4. none, u have a mess in ur mind.

If i bother u whith this is because is not the first time i stare at the task manager with jdownloader freezed without knowing why the process is described as java platform and not as jdownloader, i know restarting it will work cause i already did it, but dont know if whenever i do that i ruin running processes on other softwares running on java.
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Old 25.08.2013, 20:46
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For every java-program you start a new instance of the java runtime is launched. So for every java program you have an own process of javaw.exe running in your taskmanager. If there are more than one processes of javaw.exe you need to figure out which one is for jdownloader.
But if there is only one process of javaw.exe and the jdownloader is freezed you can promptly kill this process.
If you restart jdownloader after that step (or if you run any other java-program), a new javaw.exe-process (and a new java runtime) is started.
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Old 25.08.2013, 21:03
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understood, not as messy as i explained it.
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Old 26.08.2013, 04:46
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If you are using JD2 and you use the installer, the process of JD2 in the task manager should be JDownloader.exe

But, If you kill the process, be very careful!
Because you may risk of losing the LinkGrabber list and/or the Download list!!!
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Old 01.02.2014, 23:36
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Hi folks,

For what is worth I ran into the same problem as OP ...

FYI, I am using JDownloader Portable that I found Not from here ... I wish JD would offer a Portable Version right here on their Formal Site ...

Anyway, I don't understand Why I could NOT Stop the Jdownloader.exe Process using the Task Manager ... I find that Annoying and hmmm kind of Suspicious ... especially for someone who is Not Super Tech Savvy ... Paranoia sets in ... may be something super Fishy is going on, especially when my CPU is running at 100% and Hard Drive is Spinning like there is no tomorrow
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